How to Make Money as Student Instantly PART 1

Good day, today I will show you some easy and legal way on how to make money as student while still on campus. Many undergraduates were been frustrate

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Good day, today I will show you some easy and legal way on how to make money as student while still on campus. Many undergraduates were been frustrated by the way and manner at which their lecturers sell hand out to them with a very high amount of money, most of them are really making money from the selling of the hand out to you, likewise you can also make some today and overcome the fear of not having any money with you or getting broke on campus.

This type of money making tips are 200% legit regardless of your background or gender, you can make money even with the assignments your lecturer assign to you. 

How to make money can be divided into the following ways

Helping others

You as a student have a unique character, quality which other students in your school don’t have, therefore you can make some money through these ways.

Help them do assignment for a token

A writer helping students do assignment to make money as student

You can help others in your school to do their home works or assignments and charge them for a token. As you already know that not everybody in your class/department can afford the time to search for the materials of the assignment talk less of doing it, therefore, this is an opportunity for you to introduce yourself to them and help them to do the assignment.


You only need the zeal to research into a given work and be able to do justice to them.


It boost your intellect (even if you don’t know the course before the research will help you to understand more better)

Make money repairing phones or gadgets

Phone repairers repairing phone to make money as student

You can make some steady income from your mates that can’t operate their phones or gadgets when they stock into a problem, help them fix this issue if you know the solution and even if you don’t know the solution try and search Google for the solution and apply it.

  • You must be good in ICT to be able to do this.
  • You must be familiar with most of the gadgets or the similar one before you start.

 It helps you know the latest advancement on ICT

Rendering Services on Campus

You can make some incomes on campus as a student by rendering services to people around you while they pay you for the services. 


Make money as a student using photography

You can make money from photography business as a student even without the knowledge of photography. Today many students are photographer but they don’t know that they are already good in that field and start making money from it.

I know you will be surprise that many students are now photographer, yes, I mean it today many of the students are making use of a phone with a higher mega pixel like INFINIX with higher mega pixel camera whereas many photographers camera are just 10 mega pixel, they snap and mix nice pictures for their display pictures on social networks and wallpaper.

You can also make money by snapping those pictures and print for your fellow students. You can even do only photo printing and make 100% profit from it. You only need to collect the pictures from your friend phone and take it to the nearest photo lab near you and print to collect money.

  • A camera, camera is the machine you needed for people to know that you mean business and for them to patronize you
  • You must be sociable among on your campus mates so that you can often get business opportunities from them

You can make thousands in a day if you can get a wait and get printing machine here and look for a party to snap a wait and get or on your school special occasions

Help others in house chores

Make money as student with helping fellow students on campus with house chores

Today many students are lazy to do some house chores, these are type of people that are ready to pay you for helping them to do those things.  You can charge them base on the type of chores you are doing or based on your time. Anyone you go for is a win win for you and you make money while you are rendering services

Helping in typesettings

Help and become a typist while you make money on campus as student

Many students on campus today are very fast in typing of documents and also many students are proudly owner of a computer system or a laptop. You can help your mate typeset their assignment and collect a token from them, you can even negotiate with a computer center around your hostel to help them in typing to boost their business and also boost your pocket.

Graphic Designing

Learn Graphic designing and make money as a student

Many organizations are on your campus organizing one program or the other every day, you can help them to design their graphics to earn some money from them.


A good knowledge of graphics designing software like PHOTOSHOP, COREL DRAW and other graphic designing tools.

Selling Goods

Be a super market on your campus and sell good items to those who need it

You can solve the problem of people around you by selling what you know that they may be in need off .

Selling Recharge Cards

You can start selling recharge cards to your mates and make money from it, the best aspect of this is that you don’t need much capital like any other business, you can start with as low as a thousand Naira.

Selling Food Stuffs

You can be selling food stuffs to your hostel mates to make money while you are on campus. Food is essential commodity that every one needs, and students at times are always in looking for where to buy something especially in the odd hours of the day

Selling Data

Data is life they say, every student in every campus around is using internet to browse on their phone, even in a campus with free or cheap WiFi, people still buy data for our of WiFi coverage area, making money through this way is one of the trending ways of making money among Nigerian students.

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  • comment-avatar
    Woperola 2 years ago

    Actually good and nice for students, but could be carried away of their education when they start making good income 💰.
    But it’s really amazing.. Those tips are perfect for students..

    • comment-avatar

      Thanks for your comment, although some student may be carried away, but i think the majority and

      serious minded

      will still keep track with their studies. Making money don’t necessary mean we should forget education.

  • comment-avatar

    Its a good initiative to get the best out any system we find ourselves. On that note, I must commend the writer for putting together a comprehensive note on how to make money “legally” as a student at any level. From my end, I did survive university days by helping colleagues and junior ones with any computer based assignments. Find your interest, align with it and spread its gospel without forgetting your primary objectives. Happy working, student.

    • comment-avatar

      Thanks for your opinion and sharing what you do while on campus. I believe any student that came across this will learn from your experience and also see into making money as student.

  • comment-avatar

    This is a great and wonderful post, i pray students of nowadays, involves in such stuff. Cause 75 percent of people nowadays are only interested in making quick money forgetting that we can only start from little way. Thanks for this

    • comment-avatar

      Thank you Bidemi, I believe those who will learn will learn. Because we will not because of those who won’t deny those who will want to make money as student on campus.

  • comment-avatar
    Orekoya ifedolapo 2 years ago

    This was really helpful

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