What your Phone can do to your bank account

YOUR PHONE NUMBER AND YOUR   BANK ACCOUNTWelcome to my blog today, you have read Why you need to keep your ATM card than your pin in my prev

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Welcome to my blog today, you have read Why you need to keep your ATM card than your pin in my previous post if not click here.

Today we are going to discuss about what your
phone number can do to your bank account so that you can know who you can hand over your mobile phone to.
We are in the era of ICT and this is when every business is now associating to internet and technology than the physical staff. This led to the introduction of mobile money and many other mobile payment portals.
Now to the main point of this post which is what your bank account and mobile number have in common is stated below.
During the registration of your bank account in the bank hall, you will get a form requiring the necessary information to open your bank account. In the information you will be required to supply your e-mail and your mobile phone number whereby the phone number will be used more than your e-mail.
With your email you can get the link to your online banking and also your premier password which you will be asked to change for the best service of the internet banking.
With your mobile number you will be receiving sms alert of the transactions on your account and also, you can make a transaction by sending money to another account within and outside your bank with some USSD technology codes and also you can buy recharge cards with your mobile number with the help of some USSD codes
With these codes anybody that has access to your mobile phone which you use during the registration process of your account in the bank can make a transaction without your knowledge.

Click hereto know the short codes or ussd tecnology codes you can use on your mobile phone to initiate any transaction.




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