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Why you need to keep your ATM card than your pin

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Do you know that they don’t need your ATM pin before getting access to your money in your account?

This day we have been hearing of internet scam and how a lot of people are losing thousands and millions to the scammers through their ATM card. Have you ever received an alert from your bank telling you that some amount of money have been deducted from your bank account without you making the transaction? I know many people will answer yes, but today I will show you how the scammers are withdrawing your money without knowing your ATM pin.
1.       Your ATM is not well kept.
2.       You always or sometime ask somebody to help you withdraw from the machine because you are facing some problem from the machine.
3.       You have once mistakenly upload the picture of your ATM card to social networking sites
4.       You once play with stranger of even a neighbour with the details written on your ATMcard
5.       And many more ways which you know.
Have you been wondering that in the above list I did not mention anything about your pin? Now I will show you some ways how your money can been deducted without knowing your password or pin.
This is the time of online business when everybody is buying from the internet. There are many ways of paying when you buy good from the internet, buyers can pay through the following means.
  1.  PayPal.com 
  2. Credit card (Your ATM)  
  3. InterSwitch (Nigeria Only) 
  4. VougePay 
  5.    BitCoinetc.

On the list above you can see where your ATM is needed, that is where the scammers will use your ATM to buy goods from the internet and your account will be debited instantly.
The following are the important things the scammers needed which can be get through the means I mention above.
1.       The complete name on the ATM card
2.       The ATM card number
3.       The CCV2 Number

( The number at the back  of your ATM card)
The card expiring date

Why you need to keep your ATM card than your pin
the essential code are shown above 
From that list you ATM pin is not listed and the payments will be successful without stress.

Dear reader this is to tell you that you need to keep your ATM card even more secure than your ATM pin.

I will love to hear your view on this.


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