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List of URL Shortener

URL shortner services

Url shortenner is a web service you can use to shorten your long url or link into a very smaller one.

  • It makes your long web link or url easy to remember
  • It help in occupying a short space like twitter post with a long link url
  • It helps to hide the the affiliate link/url from your visitor
  • It helps in SEO

The list are many but i will only mention few that i have use or  you might have seen during your search on the internet

  1. goo.gl this is owned by the number 1 webbsite in the whole world at the time og this post GOOGLE.COM
  2. t.co this a private url shortner of TWITTER.COM
  3. bit.ly
  4. tinyurl.com
  5. ow.ly
  6. AdF.ly This  is a service that pay you for shorten your url with them
  7. is.gd
  8. viralurl.com
  9. BuzURL.com
  10. cutt.us
  11. YOURS Your Own URL Shortener
  12. wp.me The WordPress official url shortner

With the list above i believe that i have been able to provide you some of the numerous url shortner services we have on the internet today.

You can use the comment box below to add to the list and also we will be happy to have a Nigeria made URL shortner to add to our list.


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