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Just yesterday evening i change the template of my blog to this new one you are seeing and before i changed it i have seen a lot of people asking me f

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Just yesterday evening i change the template of my blog to this new one you are seeing and before i changed it i have seen a lot of people asking me for the free template but as you already know nobody wants a rival on whatever he is doing or using.

But today since i have change my blog template to a new one then i can now give this template out for free to anyone looking for a free, premium, SEO and responsive blogger template without having a dime in his pocket then you can take this opportunity of downloading my previous template which is already SEO friendly.


  • small;”>SEO friendly which is the most important thing to every blogger in the bloggosphere  to make their blog appear on the first page of all search engines.
  • It is ADS ready, with this blog template you can easily apply your adsense ads to the blog without any stress and also you can easily apply any affiliate product to your blog and also have a space for direct ads placement
  • Social Bookmark ready, the template comes with a share button to the top social networking site and all your blog readers can easily share your interesting blog content to their fans on the social networking site
  • It support three commenting system which includes BLOGGER DEFAULT, FACEBOOK and DISQUS
  • Email Subscription widget, with this you can let all your readers subscribe to your blog updates without using any third party programs like Mailchimp and others
  • It is responsive and works with all browsing devices in the world, i have tried it and i know what am saying and if you have visit my blog in the past then you will know what am saying
    To preview the template click here 
    Free Premium SEO Responsive Blogger Template

    You can make a comment on any problem you encounter



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    I can't click on the download

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    The link as been reviewed you can now download it. thanks for checking by, visit again for more freebies.

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    Blogger NLa! Kudos

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    Thanks for sharing this but i have used some free templates on my blog but didn't get the feel i wanted so i had to revert back to the blogger template my blog is about how to make homemade and food recipe please take a look and tell me if this template will be good for my blog thanks

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    Thanks bro, really appreciate.

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    I have checked it, you have a nice blog. I will share another template soon and I believe that it will work for you.

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    Thanks i will check back soon

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    where is the dowmload link?

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