UC Cloud a cloud based storage of the china most popular and the world most downloaded browser called UC BROWSER. Uc cloud is also called UDisk and wa

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Uc cloudUC Cloud a cloud based storage of the china most popular and the world most downloaded browser called UC BROWSER. Uc cloud is also called UDisk and was introduced some years ago by the uc group to help in easy downloading of files on the internet and to save a lot of data for the downloading and uploading of the files into another website.

Uc cloud if free right from the first day of introduction and will always be free till the last day (BY THE COMPANY TERMS) many internet guru uses the free cloud to their daily needs just like i also do here almost every week if not every day.


The importance of the UC Cloud is not just to save data while downloading but can also be used for transfer of file from a Laptop to a mobile device or other way round. From my own ends here i use the Uc browser the most and i use it to download large files as it is the best for me when it comes to mobile download and i use it mostly for downloading that does not support pause or resume.

Many bloggers that do a lot of downloading from one website or the other and upload to their own use the UC Cloud service and saves a lot of data on the downloading and uploading of the same file. Also i use it to keep my files on the go as it support uploading of files for saving purpose so i called it my virtual flash drive just like the Google Drive and the likes.

It gives a free 4gb temporary space which last for 7 good days and also a free 2gb to save your files, it support all file format from html to zip, exe, apk and even any file format you can just dream off.


Just yesterday when i was trying to download some of my file i saw a notification which stated that

Dear UDisk users,

In line with the government operation to regulate cloud storage, UDisk services will be suspended on Sep. 15th, 2016. Suspension includes,

1.Halting file browsing services on UDisk;

2.Suspension of permanent storage on UDisk;

3.Halting offline download function;

4.Please transfer your personal files to local disks before Sep. 15th, 2016, otherwise you risk losing your files after the above services are suspended.

Thank you for your support of UDisk. We’re deeply sorry for the inconvenience brought by this adjustment.

With the above i can see that what happened to the one time best browser BOLT is also happening to the cloud service of another best browser UC Browser.

While composing this post am looking for the altenative before the specified date so, if you have any idea you are most welcone in the comment section below.

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