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This simple walkthrough will show you how to block GTB MasterCard  ATM in quick short steps. You may need to block your Debit/Credit atm card for a number of reasons; theft, misplacement and duress are but a few. Blocking or otherwise hot listing your card helps to prevent potential fraud when your card falls into the wrong hands.BLOCK ATM CARD

For most Nigerian Banks, once your card is misplaced you are required to walk into the nearest branch of your bank and lodge a complaint which often involves filling a form. This analogue method leaves a window of opportunity for someone with malicious intent to defraud you via the missing card. This window no matter how short can be disastrous.

GTBank, Nigeria’s most technologically advanced bank, has introduced a solution that handles this problem effectively. Via a series of short codes and quick actions, you can now deactivate your GTB atm card in a matter of seconds by hot listing it via two channels; SMS and Internet Banking.

Hot listing your card is very effective as it prevents unauthorized use of your account, pending your request for a new card at a bank branch. This reduces the lost card to paperweight and ensures your fiscal safety.

Hot listing your card permanently disables your card i.e. that card can never be used again, even if it’s found. Thus if you have any ongoing subscriptions or transactions with the card it’s important that you update the information with your new card.

Block GTB MasterCard Via Internet Banking

To block GTB MasterCard via internet Banking first log on to the internet Banking portal at www.gtbank.com using your correct details.

  • Select Cards from the left menu panel
  • Click on Card Hotlist
  • Select the appropriate card number
  • Enter the reason for hot listing the card
  • Fill out the answer to your preset security question
  • Click on continue

Enter your token code to complete the setup the card will be blocked in a matter of seconds.
Block GTB MasterCard via SMS
to block GTB MasterCard via SMS short code simply SMS HOTLIST Account Number to 08076665555 (Replace Account number with your NUBAN account number)
The SMS must be sent from the Phone number linked to the bank account.
You will receive a prompt confirming your hot listing.

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