Best AdSense Alternatives for Bloggers

Best AdSense Alternatives After a long pause in updating my blog due to the crash from my hosting and inability to retrieve my backed up content, i de

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Best AdSense Alternatives

After a long pause in updating my blog due to the crash from my hosting and inability to retrieve my backed up content, i decided to pick up my pieces and continue with the blog. I will reveal best AdSense alternatives to use on your blog for monetization and how to go about it.Top-Google-Adsense-Alternatives-For-Bloggers

AdSense is the publisher ad service of the internet giant GOOGLE, this is the most common way of earning from a blog in most part of the world due to its billions of user using it to advertise their products.

To register for AdSense click on to register

Use your Gmail account to register or create a new account during the registration process. To register for AdSense you will need a functioning and well developed blog with enough of text contents to get approved. Due to the strict AdSense approval, this post will show the best AdSense alternatives to use for a start-up blogger and even a pro.

  1. This takes the first on the list as our number on AdSense alternative due to its high cost per click (CPC). With, you can get up to $0.50 from just a click or even more and as low as $0.01 and their minimum payout is just $50 and can be withdraw directly to your Nigerian bank account. They pay at the end of each month and also their go through a manual approval like AdSense but not as strict as AdSense.
  2. Bidvitiser: this make second on the list because they approve almost all sites and blogs to earn from their advertisers and their registration is very simple. They have almost all banner types you can dream of and their payout is $10 via PayPal and $100 via check. They also pay for referring both advertiser and publishers to their service, i believe you can earn by referring your friends too. To register click here
  3. this service belongs to the one time the most popular mail service in the world. Their approval is strict like Google AdSense but i chose them to be one of the best AdSense alternatives because i know you might have their required traffic and geo visitor to your blog.
  4. Chitika: this works like but a little bit different from them, they have simple approval method and also pay you for putting their ads on your blog
  5. Direct Ads: Direct ads is the ads a reader or a company which is related to the content of your blog directly contact you to put on your blog and you charge what you believe is best for you. This type of ads did not need any approval from any ads company but only needs a good works from your ends. This also made the list of the best AdSense alternative because it the best of all ads, you can earn as low as $10 in a month and as much as $1000 in a month depending on the content of your blog and how well your blog rank in the internet. You can read how to claim and verify your Alexa ranking here
  6. Commission Junction also known as Cj is one of the best middle man in ads rendering service in the world, they works as affiliation manager for big firms like GoDaddy and Hostgator and many more, with AdSense you can earn huge amount of dollars in a day depending on your sales through the link on your blog. They pay through PayPal and also advice the use of Payoneer for easy transaction.

This post will be reviewed time to time for best AdSense alternatives.


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