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7 SEO Tips to Improve Your Site Ranking

Optimizing your web site, to achieve the best position during a potential customers search engine query, involves some careful thought and somewhat of a talent for writing. The following SEO Tips will aide in the optimization process of your website. All of the following SEO tips, have no particular order, however the more you use these SEO tips and become familiar with them, the more effective content you will be able to supply to your site.

SEO Tip #1 Using a keyword selector tool, such as WordButler, WordStream or KeywordDiscovery, will provide you the best possible content to include in your header. Some of these tools can be found, free of charge.

SEO Tip #2 Use multiple, relevant, words in the submissions tab of the search term. This will provide the most commonly used combinations, providing you with a vast number of possibilities for your text body, Meta tags and Meta keywords.

SEO Tip #3 Provide your self with a keyword relevancy report. You will receive invaluable information, such as, how many times those specific terms were searched in the last 30 days, on the top 10 search engines.

SEO Tip #4 Use “Social Bookmarking” tools like Delicious. This allows you and others to save favorite sites in a public forum vs. the favorite tab on a web browser, which only individuals can access. The more social bookmarks you have the higher your rating will be, thus it will drive traffic to you, by creating “Back Links” to your site.

SEO Tip #5 Post introduction videos of your website to places such as, Facebook, Youtube and Myspace. This SEO tip allows maximum exposure for virtually no cost.

SEO Tip #6 Produce a “Podcast” describing your service or product. These can also be uploaded to venues such as the ones suggested in SEO tip #6.

SEO Tip #7 Go ahead and bid on “Pay per Click” options through search engine listings. Yes it may cost you a bit of cash, but the advantages in building a position as close to the top of a search engine is what it is all about. This method will eventually pay for itself.

Although these are but of few of your options, they are some of the most powerful SEO tips you can follow. Any one or a combination of these will bring results. I would suggest doing your homework though. Being assertive by adding these SEO tips to your marketing plan will be extremely profitable.

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