Blogging Tips And Tricks For Success: 3 Tips For How To Earn Money With Online Blogging

by The Daring LibrarianThese blogging tips and tricks for success will help you to make money blogging. The key to this blogging marketing strategy

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These blogging tips and tricks for success will help you to make money blogging.

The key to this blogging marketing strategy is to be consistent and commit to daily blog posts. The results are not super quick but after a month or so you should really start to pick up speed by applying the following blogging tips and tricks for success in the online blogging and marketing world.

* Blog Post Structuring – If you are just looking to start blogging online then here are some tips on how to write a simple blog post: Try to make the post at least 300 to 500 words long, include a keyword phrase in the title and the first sentence and the last sentence, make it look nice with a photo and/or video, and use bullet points to split up the content and make it more readable. Bullet points are a great way to speed up your blog post writing as well.

* Don’t You Ever Quit – Most people fail to make money blogging online because they quit. This is good news for you as it means less competition! It takes work. Hard work on a daily basis. But this is not hard as in a 9-5pm job, or working down a mine! It just requires the dedication to writing one blog post a day no matter what and keeping this routine up for months and years to come.

* Save It For A Rainy Day – To help you in your blog writing, you don’t have to write one blog post a day, but you could write 7 in one day and then take the rest of the week off. You can either copy and paste your posts in each day, or use the WordPress platform to schedule posts to automatically be published one per day. So if it is a rainy weekend then make the most of it and have a writing marathon and get enough blog posts typed up for the next week or so.

* What You Know – The best subjects for what to blog about are subjects that you are passionate about and are knowledgeable in. This makes it much easier and quicker to write each blog post and each post will naturally have more creativity, life, and credibility behind it. The blogging topics don’t have to be about how to make money online by the way. In the viral blogging system I recommend you can blog about any topic and people who arrive at the blog have the option to purchase a blog just like yours and the ability to make money from it. This appeals to all people no matter what the initial topic of the blog post.

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