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Blogging Tips: How To Make Money By Blogging For More Traffic To Your Website

These blogging tips are designed to help you make money by blogging to increase traffic to your website.

The money making blogging tips in this article are based around a long term strategy, but well worth it if you stay the distance.

* Write Each Day – For best results you should write at least one blog post per day. If you really mean business then I would suggest blogging 3 times per day. Each blog post you write becomes like your own online real estate that can generate blog traffic for you for years to come. It is a slow process at first but if you are consistent as you start blogging and keep it up for several months in a row then your progress will exponentially grow. Each blog post is permanent and generates traffic well beyond the date it was initially typed up on.

* What You Know – The best subjects for what to blog about are subjects that you are passionate about and are knowledgeable in. This makes it much easier and quicker to write each blog post and each post will naturally have more creativity, life, and credibility behind it. The blogging topics don’t have to be about how to make money online by the way. In the viral blogging system I recommend you can blog about any topic and people who arrive at the blog have the option to purchase a blog just like yours and the ability to make money from it. This appeals to all people no matter what the initial topic of the blog post.

* Don’t You Ever Quit – Most people fail to make money blogging online because they quit. This is good news for you as it means less competition! It takes work. Hard work on a daily basis. But this is not hard as in a 9-5pm job, or working down a mine! It just requires the dedication to writing one blog post a day no matter what and keeping this routine up for months and years to come.

* Article Directories – Submitting you blog posts as articles to directories can get an additional stream of traffic. I would avoid mass submitting out your articles to every directory on the planet but focus on a few quality article directories such as Ezine Articles, Articles Base, Go Articles, and Idea Marketers.

* Press Releases – You can edit an existing article or blog post into a press release simply by tweaking it to be in a more 3rd person journalistic tone and by putting your key bullet points into quotes. Or you could just write a press release announcing your latest blog post. Then submit and you can get into Google News for a nice traffic spike.

Use a similar process to the strategy outlined in these blogging tips for each blog post that you write in order to make money blogging over the coming weeks.

For faster results from these blogging tips, you can plug into the K A Day Viral Blogging System: K A Day Plan.

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