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Effective Tips on Adsense For Good Profit

Adsense Tips For Greater Online Profits
Tips to Make More Money Online With AdSense
See How Easily You Can Keep Your Earnings Up With These Adsense Tips

This article will guide you on adsense tips like adhering to Google’s Terms of service (TOS), policies, rules and regulations of the programme. These TOS may be regarding placing of ads, quality content, webmaster rules and clicks etc.

First of all please adhere to Google’s Terms of service (TOS), policies, rules and regulations of the programme. These TOS may be regarding placing of ads, quality content, webmaster rules and clicks etc.,

Do not click on your own ads: We may come across some of them who click on their own ads to earn a quick money and getting banned from adsense. But in some cases we click our own ads by mistake which we need to avoid. In case if you want to view the landing page of the ad, you can directly check thru the Internet explorer rather than clicking on our own ads. Google keeps record of all clicks.

Do not place ads exceeding the adsense requirement. For better result place few ads per page. You can try placing in different locations. Usually, Medium rectangular type ads provides good results. It is suggested to place ads inbetween the body of web page.

Now coming to content of website which is the base of website and adsense. DO NOT place google ads on the webpages with no content. Google pays for the ads displayed on the content page. Your website should have a good quality content. Please try not to have a duplicate content which you may get from various sources.

Please follows website rules strictly. Your website should have a friendly navigation. Readers should not have any problem while navigating your webpages. It is better to have a sitemap. Do not display google ads on website which is under construction.

Now lets talk about how to earn more revenue from adsense. The first only way is “Traffic”. More traffic means more hits which means more earnings and more conversions, more money. But the questions is how to drive traffic?

There are many ways to drive traffic like search engine ranking. However, we all know search engine ranking is a time consuming. Your website shall take several weeks/months to drive a reasonable traffic.

But there is another way to drive traffic instantly, that is buying traffic. For instance I have bought traffic from Google Adwords. Signing up process for Google Adwords is easy. You can visit google adwords for signing up.

When I started using Google Adwords for driving traffic, I started getting lot of traffic but at the same time I was also paying towards Google Adwords ending up not making much profits. Then I started analyzing on costing and ad placements. I found that my CTR – Click thru rate is only about 40% to 50% which is not so good for profit. Later, started placing ad in different directions and with different sizes of ads.

I found most of big banner ads on the top of the page and medium rectangular ad inbetween the content working fine. My CTR went up around 65%. which is reasonably good. However, CTR around 70% is said to be very good for good profit. Even after 65% of CTR I was not able to make much profit. There was something wrong with my website. No, actually, there was excess investment towards adwords.

Hence, I started working on Adowrds costing vs. Adsense earnings. I found that, I was paying to Adwords equivalent to what I was getting from Adsense. This was my main key point for profit. Finally, I selected some low cost keywords from Adwords and fixed CPC lower than the adsense CPC. Now, I am getting reasonable profits.

Finally, we shall conclude with the understanding that for earning good profit from adsense it is just not enough working on ad placement and ad campaign but it is also equally important working on costs.

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