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These blogging tips are designed to help you make money blogging in 2017. The are based around my exciting online journey that has taken me from strug

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These blogging tips are designed to help you make money blogging in 2017. The are based around my exciting online journey that has taken me from struggling newbie to full-time online entrepreneur.

The key with making money from blogging in 2017 is to stay consistent and treat it as a long term action plan. The work you do today might not pay off until 90 days time. But then things will really start to snowball.

1. Blog Daily – Post a fresh new blog post each and every day. If you have the time then do 3 or even 5 posts a day. The more the better as you will get your market share up quite quickly for more visitors to your website. The key to blogging for search engine traffic is to base each blog post around a long tail keyword. This is a low competition phrase that you can easily rank for rather than competing for major terms.

2. Syndicate Blog Posts – Don’t just hang around for the search engines to send you visitors for fee. Get your blog posts out there in front of people right away. The best way to do this is by syndicating your content to social media outlets such as Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. You can use tools such as OnlyWire to help automated this process.

3. Build An Email List – The money is in the list with internet marketing in general, and it is no different for bloggers. Make sure you have an obvious place on your blog where visitors can pop in their email address and request more information about you and what you are offering and to receive updates and tips. When you build a big email list that you have a good relationship with then you can simply make money by sending out an email in a few minutes a day.

4. Affiliate Programs For Bloggers – The best way to make money blogging in 2017 is to promote affiliate programs that are a good fit for the type of visitors that are arriving at your blog. But don’t just promote one single low ticket ebook on Clickbank, look to send your blog visitors into a high converting sales funnel. The real money is made by blogging when there are high ticket affiliate programs as part of your sales funnel.

5. Guest Blogging – In addition to writing daily keyword targeted content onto your own blog, you can often get quicker and easier blog traffic by posting on other peoples blogs. Go to high traffic blogs in your niche and see if they offer guest posting opportunities. Some of the big authority blogging sites will often let you apply to become a writer to post daily content onto their site for free.


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