Seo Tips and Tricks That Will Drive Your Site To The Top

by 60646BlogDo you spend your time looking for seo tips online. How do you know which seo tips to trust. The truth seo changes so fast that yesterd

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Do you spend your time looking for seo tips online. How do you know which seo tips to trust. The truth seo changes so fast that yesterdays seo tips are old news by today. To be a competent search engine optimiser you must be one step ahead of the game. Always looking for optimisation tips that enhance your sites effectiveness.

There are however some seo tips that will never change and will always be relevant to your seo efforts. These free tips will take time but will act as an awesome investment in your business. The seo tips I am going to share with you today are based on linking strategy.

You see a lot of search engine optimisers or site owners that are new to the industry concentrate all their efforts on building inbound liinks to their home pages. This is not correct and will dilute your link building effectiveness.

Before I go into how you should build links and where those links should be pointing, I want to make myself clear about what an effective link is. An effective link should come from a relevant page, a page that is based on a subject of a page you are linking to. The more relevant the better. The link must also come from a page with a high Page Rank, this may be difficult at first but will improve as your site builds cerdibility. Finally a link should also be anchored with your targeted keyword, this will increase your keyword authority.

So where should these links be pointing. Well you should create a page based on one or two targeted keywords. Then you should attempt to create quality links to each page you create. So if you had 50 keywords you wanted to target you would have to create 25 – 30 pages with links going back to all of them. This is what is known as deep linking and will vastly improve your search marketing campaign.

These seo tips are tips that will never change and tips that if done right will leave you ahead of most competition. The main one to remember is relevance. The more relevant your link the more productive it will be.

As I said at the start of the article, most seo tips will change and modify as time goes on but relevant, high quality, anchored links deep linking back to your site is something that will not be changing anytime soon.

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