These Tips And Affilojetpack Program Can Help Bloggers

by GruscanaSo you want to set up a Wordpress blog need of some useful blogging tips? You have come to the right place. The following are some thing

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So you want to set up a WordPress blog need of some useful blogging tips? You have come to the right place. The following are some things that you must do, together with blog promotion tactics and resources that might help.

1. Get a reliable web hosting.

Web hosting is one thing that will ensure the success or failure of your blog. This one is a must, regardless of what platform (WordPress, Typepad, Blogger) you use. If your blog is up one day and down another, your readers will not be able to access it reliably. That’s why you should research properly at forums for good services.

It would be wise to find hosting which provides one click installation of WordPress. This will save you the trouble to download the files, modify some parts and then setup the database. Example of good hosting services are Hostgator, Bluehost and Host Monster.

2. Get a domain name that contains suitable keywords.

Prior to purchasing a domain name, do a bit of keyword research with Google Trends or Google Keyword Tool. You can use a keyword phrase in your domain name, but keep it short. Remember that your domain name must be easy to remember. Otherwise, existing blog readers will have problem memorizing your blog name.

3. Use the ping feature.

WordPress and other blogs already have a few ping services added. You can check it right inside from the WordPress settings. Automatic ping could be both good and bad things.

This feature is supposed to be good. Each time you add new posts, the ping servers listed here will be notified about the blog update. This will allow your blog to be indexed by search engines later on. However, the bad thing happens whenever you edit an existing post. The servers might receive too much pings in a few minutes and as the result, the blog might get banned.

That’s why you should install CBnet Ping Optimizer or Maxblogpress Ping Optimizer plugin inside the blog. This will block unnecessary pings from being sent to the servers.

4. Use search engines to promote your blog.

Search engines sites are receiving billions of traffic everyday. For internet users, search engines is one powerful tool. In fact, they found lots of new websites on the internet thanks to Google or Yahoo search.

If you want to promote one new blog, getting high ranking in Google search is very important. This will drive lots of new visitors. It cost you almost nothing to obtain free search engine traffic. All you need to do is adding several fresh and unique content. Pay attention to both title and description tags since Google will rank your blog posts based on whatever you insert in these tags.

Search engine marketing is not an easy task, even for experienced. However, if you are serious about learning them, join the Affilojetpack program. It contains lots of training videos, content and WordPress themes that will help you with search engine marketing.

5. Be an active forum members to attract new visitors.

Forum is one great way to attract new visitors for free. You can search at Google for relevant forums in the topics. Read the forum rules and make sure that links in the signature is allowed. Then, participate actively in the discussion.

Affilojetpack is one useful training program for blog promotion, traffic generation and search engine tactics. If you need more details, read this Affilojetpack review.