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12 Blogging Tips to Make Money Blogging

You can make money blogging. If you have yet to jump on the blogging train no worries it's not too late to grab your ticket to blogging profits. Soc

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How to make money blogging

You can make money blogging. If you have yet to jump on the blogging train no worries it’s not too late to grab your ticket to blogging profits. Social media is just really starting to boom in 2017 and I doubt we will see the cap on its growth any time soon and possibly ever. Some of the top social sites out of the 1000’s are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social media has not killed the blog, there is no reason you cannot leverage off the two and combine these two powerful methods.

Follow these 12 blogging tips consistently and you will be on your way to making blogging profits in 2017.

12 Blogging Basics for Profits:

  1. Create a writing and posting schedule. If you do not enjoy writing there are many ways to outsource this task. Regardless you want a schedule so you are consistent with how much content you put out. You also want to schedule when you will post your writings on your blog. Decide what time you will post to your blog, how many times a week and what days. By being consistent your readers will know what to expect from you and will gain you more loyal readers.
  2. Pick a niche. Do some research, know whether your niche is profitable, create a keyword list to help you know what your readers/customer are looking for and pay attention to the gurus in your niche. By targeting a niche you will be able to target your market and have better conversions from readers to buyers. This will also help you pick what products to promote and what to write about. It’s okay to have more than one niche, just have a separate site for those other niches.
  3. Have a clean blog design. With templates abound it is not hard to find a professional, clean, easy to navigate blog template. Most are super simple to get up and running. However, if you find it to be more challenging then you want just like writing you can easily outsource the setup of your blog. Keep it clean and professional and you will have a winning blog design.
  4. Choose your plugins. There are a ton of plugins. Some things to consider when deciding what plugins to have on your blog are: SEO, time savers, interaction with readers and anything to make the reader’s experience more enjoyable. A few of my must have plugins are: What Would Seth Godin Do? And the All-in-One SEO Pack.
  5. Write from experience. What experience do you have with this niche, products you are promoting, things you are reviewing, etc.? When you write from the first person perspective readers will feel like they are getting to know you and as you build trust and get raving fans they will look forward to reading your posts, trust your reviews, recommendations and view point on the niche.
  6. Use proper grammar and spell check. This does not mean to write bland or take away from your personality… However, the more proper your grammar the more attractive your writing will be. Spell check, spell check and spell check again. Do not just rely on your word processors spell check, proofread it yourself and have another set of eyes you trust check your work as well.
  7. Remember SEO. Keep your keywords and keyword phrases in mind when writing your titles, writing your post, adding keywords related to your post and writing your descriptions. This will help you rank in the search engines faster and make it easier for your target market to find you.
  8. Interact with your readers. Ask questions, reply to comments, answer questions, post polls and have a way for them to opt-in to a newsletter, tutorial, etc. Stay connected and in-touch to keep your readers and grow your readership. This will help you make money blogging by introducing affiliate and increasing the pageview of your blog.
  9. Interact with popular gurus’ blogs in your niche. Comment on their posts regularly, while adding value whether you are agreeing or not. Write follow up posts and trackback to their original as well as comment about your post inspired by their post and why you were inspired. This will increase your readers, get gurus to comment on your blog which will give you more authority and will again increase your readership.
  10. Market your blog. There are many ways to market your blog. Here are a few to get you started. Use social bookmarking, let all your friends and groups on your social networks know about your new post, ping your blog, email your list and create a video about your post and link it to your blog.
  11. Be you. Personalize your blog with pictures, write with personality. Do not try and write like someone else. Be you and you will attract like-minded people that will love your work. Be fake and everyone will know and your numbers will show it.
  12. Keep trucking. Building a blog empire will not happen over night. Be consistent, constantly learn about the make money blogging industry and make time for your blog in your daily schedule.

If you want to make money blogging in 2017, then keep these 12 blogging tips in mind every time you blog. You will be sure to reap the benefits and so will your readers.




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