5 basic SEO Tips for the Beginners in 2014

by eric.delcroixWhat is SEO?SEO is a slow process for making a website search engine friendly and this process takes time as well as efforts. These

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Simple SEO Tips For Beginners
SEO Tips for Beginners and Different Ways for Optimizing the New Site

What is SEO?

SEO is a slow process for making a website search engine friendly and this process takes time as well as efforts. These below are the tips for the seo who are newbie or just started working as an seo. We are sharing 5 most basic seo tips for the beginners.

Here are five basic SEO tips to get you started:

1. Page Title:

Page title should be written in short and unique. Keep your website page stitle short and informative. Google only shows a certain number of characters in their search result pages. Keeping your page titles short will make sure that your entire title will appear.

2. Meta Description:

Add a meta description on your website. Giving your page a good meta description allows you to decide how Google describes your page in its results. By keeping descriptions short and unique to enure you do not exceed the maximum number of viewable characters.

3. Meta Keyword:

Meta keywords seems useless these days. As google said meta keywords are not much important in ranking and searches so Do not add meta keywords on your website. Because Meta keywords are no longer used to rank pages in search results.

4. Use heading Tags:

Use proper heading tags on your website. Use only one H1 tag. The H1 tag is the most important text on a webpage of a website or blog. It tells Google exactly what the page is about. Do

not create multiple H1 tags beacuse you can confuse Google crawlers and be penalized. If you are having trouble with your website visitors than you should visit a good seo company in gurgaon.

5. Content is king:

Use fresh content to post on your website. Good Quality content is always preferred by google. Stay on topic and niche. Your website content should be focused and to the point. If you have a webpage about seo tips than only provide content about SEO tips.

6 . Link Building:

Create good back link for your website. The more links heading back to your site the better it will be rank in google. You can create back links for your website by submitting articles, directories, guest posting, forum posting, social bookmarking etc.

6. XML Sitemaps:

Search engines crawl the internet using automated bots called spiders or bots. Spiders crawl a website through all the links on a page, scan the pages and then go to the next set links and pages. To make it easyf for the spiders job you should include an XML sitemap . Sitemap also help search engines to understand structure of our website and our website will get indexed much faster this way.

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