Adsense Tips For Greater Online Profits

The Google adsense program can offer a great way to add income from your website without having to sell any products or services. Most websites coul

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The Google adsense program can offer a great way to add income from your website without having to sell any products or services. Most websites could profit well from adsense as long as they know how to effectively increase click through rates without diminishing the user experience by showing too many ads. Here are some tips that can help to increase click through rates and revenues from adsense:

Tip 1: Place adsense ads above the fold

Do not get too shy to place ads at the top of your site which visitors first see when they enter your site without having to scroll down. Simply place an adsense unit like a banner sized one in the center of the page. Avoid the very top as most people tend to skip that part and do not focus on that area too much.

Tip 2: Create a good quality site

Advertisers can now choose which sites they want their ads on so if you create a great site you are more likely to attract higher paying advertisers so you may receive more money per click. Make sure your site is unique and up to date as this will also attract return visitors which can really make a difference since you do not have to constantly get new visitors.

Tip 3: Put ads embedded into your content

If you have good length articles over 500 words then consider adding ad units like the 336×280 ad units directly into the content by using tables to wrap the content around the ads. This will help to increase click through rates since more people will see the ads.

Tip 4: Use colors appropriately

Try to

make your ads blend in as much as you can with the rest of your site. Make the link colors match the main links on your site. If you can stick with the regular blue link color for the links on your site since that is what most people recognize as the standard link color.

Tip 5: Use more ads if you can

If there is enough content on the page do not be afraid to add more ads. The adsense program permits 3 ad units and 2 link units per page however make sure that your content is not squeezed too much, always keep the visitor experience in mind first otherwise people will simply hit the back button and not even read your content never mind click any of the ads.

Tip 6: Get rid of borders

Borders around your adsense ads make them appear more like ads and do not help to blend them in with the rest of your site. Remove the borders so the ads look more like a part of your site and this should help to increase click through rates.

Tip 7: Track your ads

Be sure to take advantage of tracking features in your adsense account so you know how well certain ads are doing. Experience is often the best teacher so try different approaches and stick with the ones that work and learn from your mistakes. Try some of these adsense tips to help you earn more money from your website.

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