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Security Myths Surrounding the WordPress Community

WordPress, the king of Content management system has always been a target of unnecessary myths and delusions. Most of these myths are created by amateur developers and competitors of this amazing CMS. WordPress security has been a major concern of developers around the globe. The myths regarding WordPress security have created several wrong notions among developers. Therefore, it’s important that developers must distinguish between the myths and facts about WordPress security, so check out these myths regarding WordPress security and stay aware:

–Using themes and plugins from wordpress.org ensures 100% Security

Though it’s a fact that WordPress team spends a lot of time to review themes and plugins, but even the best developer cannot guarantee a 100% secured environment. A small mistake by a developer can leads to bugs in the software. Though WordPress team is quite active and routinely discover and fix these bugs but one must keep track at the log of these plugins to know that the developer have updated the plugin or not.

–Why anybody would attack my Webiste or Blog?
Many bloggers have this prenotion that their website wont be hacked as it has nothing to steal like credit card information or any sensitive information. But keep this in mind that most of the hacking attempts are made by automated program and their purpose is to hack your website resources.

–WordPress is not Safe and Secure

As soon as people experience any security threat with their WordPress website they tend to blame WordPress for that but the truth is WordPress core is quite safe and secure. Even if any security issue is found the WordPress developers are quick to respond. The security issues usually arise due to the following reasons:
> outdated softwares and plugins
> Use of insecure themes and plugins
> Stolen FTP credentials or admin passwords
> Hosting Issues

–My site is 100% safe and secure

Though WordPress took several measure to prevent hacking but still there are still chances that hackers might intrude your website security. So Developers must have a plan of action to prevent the loss from such intrusion by creating recovery and backup plan and to restore your website.

–Only use plugins will ensure security of my site
To secure your WordPress website you need plugins- true, but plugins alone can’t guarantee a totally secured website. To secure yur website you need a mix of security tools like A strong password, using off-site monitoring tools, using a secure FTP program and last but not the least security of your computer from malware and viruses.

Getting WordPress secure is not an easy task. But the above mentioned myths will help to create an awareness and make you prepare for any possible intrusion from the notorious hackers.

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