3 Blogging Tips to Get More Traffic and Exposure

by chenthumHave you been blogging for a while? If so, even the more advanced blogging techniques may not be something that you are currently aware

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Have you been blogging for a while? If so, even the more advanced blogging techniques may not be something that you are currently aware of. After you learn the advanced techniques, refining them is something you need to keep doing. Anyone that does blogging will feel more comfortable doing it once everything is set up the way they want it. Anyone that starts a new blog has to come to the realization that no one is actually listening to them when they first start out. The following blogging tips will give you more power and confidence.

The importance of a blog headline is a topic of discussion in most circles, and it is extremely important for a variety of reasons. People that post on their blog typically do so in a mad rush. When you type out your blog post, the body typically comes first, then the headline. You’re rushing and just don’t take as much time on it as you should. I am guilty just like everyone else going too fast, when I post on my blog as well. Many times I will make a post and notice that the headline is weak, and that it needs a little work. After I see this, I will then try to fix it to the best of my ability. Avoiding hype in your headline is something you should do because most people do not appreciate it. If you are posting to experienced IMers, they have seen these tricks before, and therefore they won’t work.

The most successful blogs are usually those that solve certain problems for their readers. No matter what topic you’re blogging about, your visitors will have certain concerns. Have the objective of becoming an authority in this area. You should, therefore, seek to become a problem solver for the people who visit your blog. People will appreciate your help, and this is beneficial to you even if you’re giving away a lot of free advice. People will come to see your blog as a uniquely helpful place to go for answers. Being supportive of your readers in every possible way will ultimately be very good for you. Some IM people call this over-delivering, and it’s a good thing to do.

Try to imagine that you are working on your blog or on a topic that you just hate. You hate it because you find it boring and it is not anything in which you might ever feel interested. It’s similar to the feeling you get while talking to someone who doesn’t want to talk to you. We all know that feeling at least one or two times in our lives. Your blog can’t ever go anywhere if you are blogging about a subject that you don’t enjoy. Readers will be able to sense your lack of passion or emotional involvement. This will make your blog content feel boring and will make your readers feel negatively, which they aren’t going to appreciate. So if you can’t stand your blog topic, it is better to pay someone else to write about the topic for you.

When you have a blog, everything you write is going to be read and judged. At the same time, you should make your blog appealing in other ways as well. Every detail is significant, so make your blog as appealing as possible in every way.

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