3 Blogging Tips to Help You Become a Better Blogger

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Found out that your blog has a zero page rank? If yes, then it’s high time you check your blog posts. Although it helps to update your blog regularly, still it does not guarantee a high page rank. So what to do? Check the quality of the posts you include in your blog. If you think this is the problem area, then read on these 3 blogging tips to help you become a better blogger.

1. Know your audience. Does your blog talk about gadgets? Or is it more on parenting and baby stuff? Whatever your niche is, make sure you know your audience when writing. Why? Because how can you give these people what they want if you don’t know exactly what they are looking for. So make sure you know their demands and profiles to better understand their needs.

2. Write original posts and add new information. Online readers don’t like reading articles that they have already seen in other sites, neither looking at posts which include only old information. To make your blog more interesting, be sure to write original content and include new information.

3. Make your blog posts humorous and simple. When you are able to make your readers laugh while reading your posts, chances are they’ll come back for more. That’s also true if you use only simple terms in conveying your message to your readers. So take note: inject healthy humor when writing your content and keep it simple as much as possible.

Increasing your site’s page rank may not happen overnight, but you can always achieve it after some time if you just follow these blogging tips. So be patient because it does take time. Just keep on blogging and have fun while doing it.

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