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4 Adsense Placement Tips To Help Improve Your Clickthrough Results

If you are a Google Adsense publisher, you know that there are times when you aren’t getting the results you expect. To improve your click through ratio, you may need to move the ads to different places on your website. This article presents some placement tips for Adsense that will help you get more out of your site.

There a million little variables you can tweak with Adsense. One of the most important however, is where you place your ads on your site. Where you put your ads can have a dramatic effect on your earnings.

Regardless of what the so-called Adsense gurus and experts say, there is no definite area that works the best. Since every website is different, and each page is set up differently, it is impossible to say with 100% certainty that any particular position will work the best all of the time.With that said however, there are some guidelines you can follow to improve your earnings results.

1. Place your ads above the fold of your website. “Above the fold” is the top part of the webpage you can see without scrolling down. This is most prominent part of the page, which is immediately visible when the page loads. Because the ads are visible to all visitors, there is a greater likelihood that they will see the ads and take action.

2. Put your ads along the left side of the page instead of the right side. The theory is that since we read from left to right, our brains are more engaged when we are looking at the left side of the page, and we are more likely to notice what is there. Plus, psychologists say that right-handed people tend to favor things that are on their left side. Since most of the general population is right handed, it makes sense to place ads on the left.

3. Insert your Adsense ads inside of your content. By wrapping your content around the ads, they will blend into the page and not stick out like a sore thumb screaming, “I’m an advertisement!” With your Adsense blended into the page, your visitors will be more likely to see them, and you can just let the ad copy do the selling. If the advertisers have done a good job of writing their ad copy, you should be able to get some good results.

4. Finally, the rule with Adsense is there are no hard and fast rules. Many factors affect the performance of Adsense on a website, so it is important that you experiment with the ad placement. Merely parking your ads in one spot and then leaving them there is not a very good way to improve your results. Experiment by changing ad formats and sizes, using different text colors, and so forth. Test by leaving them in one position for a few thousand impressions and then move them to another to see how they both compare.

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