5 SEO Tips For Getting Your Website Good Listing

by sean dreilinger If you are looking for SEO tips to influence your sites visibility for searches, then you may find some valuable tips here. Search

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If you are looking for SEO tips to influence your sites visibility for searches, then you may find some valuable tips here. Search engine optimization as it is, is a huge topic to cover but there are certain tips and tricks involved with it that will help you improve your website s search engine listings. If you implement these tips on your website you will definitely find obvious changes in your websites listings. Please go through the five SEO tips stated below and try to implement them to your site and watch the result.

1. Go by convention.

You may have a flashy web page or a very dynamic and impressive web page but make sure the basic layout of the webpage remain conventional. This means stick the basics of providing links to home page, about us, contact us and site-map. Search engines will be looking for easily navigable sites as it makes it easy for its users to get what they are looking for. So forgoing the usage of these basic buttons on your site may not please search engines. This also gives more reliability for the search engines to trust your websites from spamming sites.

2. Choose search friendly domains.

While looking for domain names make sure that it relates to the niche in which your website is going to be operational. Of course you can have domain names unrelated to your niche but using related domain names can get you good listings faster. This helps search engines to easily relate with your niche and content.

3. Research keywords with high search results but low competition.

The lesser competition you have the better listing you can expect. But it is not easy to find such keywords if your niche is highly competitive. In such cases you may go for long tail keywords to beat competition. This will also get you more targeted visitors. For this you will have to do some serious bit of research to find those keywords. To know the strength of the keyword competition search on the search engine using your keywords within quotations. This will give you a fair idea on where you stand with the keyword you have researched.

4. Make sure you optimize your website well for your chosen keywords.

For this you have to follow these simple tips. Use the keywords in the title tag, the number of keywords you may use for a webpage title tag is not certain. The basic norm, some experts say is 2 keywords per web page but I have found results for as many as 4 keyword phrases. You may try with more keywords you have nothing to loose. Use these keywords in your H1, H2, H3 tags it has better influence with the search engines. And also use keywords in your websites content. With just these distributions of keywords I have got front page listing overnight. This may bring you to the front page but to keep them there you have to work on it.

5. Work on your site to get top listing by providing incoming links.

Provide incoming links to your web page using anchor text links. Try to get more links than your best competitor and also make sure they are quality links.

These are 5 SEO tips worth knowing if you are interested in getting your site top search engine listings.

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