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Boost your WordPress Website’s Speed With These Pointers

Do you know how much irritation a slow website can cause to your visitors? You must have known that visiting a slow website is quite irritating, as nowadays, readers and visitors are quite impatient and they will probably never come back if they visit your website and suffer from slow speed or slow load time. The slow speed of any website can lead to decrease in number of visitors and further decrease in search engine rankings.
The question is, how can you make your WordPress website faster? Check out below and take these proactive steps towards speeding up your site.

–Install Caching Plugin

WordPress provides you with numerous plugins, so better install those which can really increase the efficiency of your website. If you want a drastic increase in your website speed, use cache plugin. As WordPres is based on PHP, a lot of PHP calls are executed while the website loads causing longer load time. The cache plugin like WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache, cache your webpahes and store it in HTML files that improves the load time.

–Optimize Images

Images plays a major part to make your blog and website attractive and presentable. Without beautiful images your blog post looks incomplete and unattractive. But these images carries loads of meta data that affects the load time of your website. So does that mean you should not post pictures in your blog or websites? Absolutely not with free applications like Picnik, WP Smush.it and Image Optimizer , you can optimize your images and remove that extra bytes of data without losing image quality.

–Delete Unused Plugins

As WordPress provides plethora of plugins and themes, many users are tempted to download several plugins and themes for their website, ignoring the fact that many plugins increases the page size and also loads many unwanted CSS and JavaScript making your website very slow. So it’s your duty to download these plugins responsibly and make sure to remove those plugins which are not used.

–Clean up the database

One of the most common mistakes made by the WordPress users is they tend to forget to moderate their database properly. This leads to increase of unwanted things in database like spam comments, unapproved comments and unused tags etc. So to improve your website’s load time better start optimizing and cleaning your database.

–Minify HTML, CSS and Javascript

The orderly structured codes with spaces and tabs is used to make it readable to the programmers. But browsers and servers don’t consider how the codes look like unless they are valid and without errors. These structured codes with white spaces must be removed as they tend to slow down the website load time. To make this task easier use plugins like WP-Minify andW3 total cache.

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