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Combat Spam Comments on WordPress through these Four Easy Steps

Bloggers must have experienced a flood of spam comments in their blogs as spammers are always in a lookout to get links through various means and spam comments is an easiest way. Spamming is not only annoying but it also reduce the efficiency of your blog. The spam comments simply pollute the comment section of your blog by providing irrelevant and useless information which can also irritate the readers of your blogs.

WordPress is equipped with many plugins to control the problem of spam comments but still using plugins is not the ultimate solution. If you want a short and faster way to get rid of all those spam comments we have few ways to solve your problem:

-Anti-Spam Plugins to Filter your Comment Section

This is the simplest way to reduce the spam comments. WordPress has plenty of good Anti-Spam plugins that does a good job in filtering comments that appear like spam. Akismet is the most popular plugin to control spam comments. Akismet filters the spam comments by detecting and analyzing the links and coding in the comments and stop spam comments to get displayed on the blog.

-Recaptcha to Handle Bots

Recaptcha is a simple plugin that generates code that only humans can read and bots cannot. Recaptcha helps to prevent spam comments as the commenter has to first type in the code, if he wants to comment on the post. This will surely prevent your blogs from the annoying bots spamming over the Internet.

-Timely Moderation Of your Comment Section

Moderating comments might be a little time consuming method to control the spam comments but its worth your efforts as this will ensure that your readers are not seeing a bunch of spam comments on your website. Mostly WordPress flags comments with lots of links automatically but some spammers intentionally try to pollute your blog with irrelevant comments. In such case All you have to do to protect your blog is to check on the box stating a comment author must have an approved comment.

-Ban the Spammer IP Address

When someone comments on your blog you can check their IP address from the dashboard. This gives you an opportunity to block all those spammers from your comment section using the following code to your root .htaccess:

# block ip
order allow,deny
deny from
deny from
allow from all

There might be no complete solution to get rid from all the spam comments. But if you follow the above pointers, they will surely create a barrier for the spammers and bots and keep them away from your blog.

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