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Domain Parking Pages and Website Flipping

Protecting Your Website One thing you are always going to find, no matter what business you happen to be in, if you are successful then somebody els

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Protecting Your Website

One thing you are always going to find, no matter what business you happen to be in, if you are successful then somebody else is going to attempt to pull the rug out from under your feet. This is no less true of internet marketing and, if you have a particularly successful site, then you need to do everything possible to protect your success.

Domain parking pages fulfils that requirement perfectly. As an example, one of the commonest domain name extensions is ‘.com’ – but other popular ones are ‘.net’; ‘.co.uk’; ‘.biz’ – plus a range of others.

Now, if your website is doing very well under the domain of ‘successfulcoffee.com’ and you do nothing to protect your name from somebody else coming along and registering a domain as ‘successfulcoffee.net’ then, in a way, they are taking advantage of your success. What you need to do is to buy up as many domains as possible in each one of the alternative domain name extensions and arrange for each one to be set up as domain parking pages with a company that specializes in managing domain parking.

Maintaining a Web Presence

Domain parking pages can also maintain a domain address for a time in the future when you decide the time is right to sell for a profit. This was much more lucrative a few years ago before the big companies decided to maintain their own domains and started to buy up domain names associated with their trademarks. Another use for domain parking pages is for those individuals who buy up hundreds of domain names, parking each one of them for the sole purpose of domain parking services to develop their domains into revenue-paying advertisement sites.

Domain Name Front-running

It never takes long before the fraudulent element sees opportunities to make money and, when it comes to original domain names, there is money to be had. Domain Front-running involves making use of inside information to buy up domain names that are known to be valuable, in the knowledge that by selling them, they are going to make a profit. This is a dubious practice that is on the fringes of morality rather than being totally illegal. It tends to involve individuals who manage clients’ software, DNS operators and other insiders. Weak security is another source of obtaining domain names ahead of the company who really wants to register it. Whatever else it is, it is certainly not good practice and one that is frowned upon in the industry.

Flipping Your Domain

Another kind of discrepancy comes in the confusion between domain flipping and website flipping. Domain flipping involves registering a domain name for a small sum and then parking it on a domain parking page, with the intention of selling it in the future. Then, of course, there is website flipping which also involves registering your domain – but here the similarity ends. When you are flipping a website you place it with a hosting agent and place quality content on the site, thereafter publishing it to the Web. After that, you advertise it for sale in the hope of attaining a much higher price due to the possibility of it having attracted incoming links to it from other sites. Either way, the intention is for you to make money. The question remains: which is better and more lucrative – domain parking pages or website flipping?

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