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Publishing PPC ads inside a website is one popular money-making model. The number one program for lots of webmasters and bloggers would be Google Ad

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Publishing PPC ads inside a website is one popular money-making model. The number one program for lots of webmasters and bloggers would be Google Adsense. Unlike other business model, making money from this program is free and doesn’t require much things to start.

Plus, you don’t need to master selling skills, like copywriting or email marketing. You make the money just by sending traffic to the advertisers. Therefore, the process is much shorter and less things to learn. No selling required.

Which means, either the visitors buy something from your affiliate link, or perhaps click on the Adsense link. By placing both Adsense and affiliate link in your website or blog, you can increase the revenue and get maximum profit from each visitor.

Some people find that it is hard to get started with Adsense, due to lots of things to learn and master. The following tips will help you simplified the entire process:

1. Sign up for web hosting and install WordPress.

WordPress is one powerful tool for internet marketers and Adsense publishers today. If you are starting from scratch, it is recommended that you install a blog.

By using WordPress, you can have a good-looking blog within a few minutes. The installation process is easy. Most web hosting today already comes with WordPress script right inside the control panel. Then, you can download for free and use several professional-looking themes at WordPress website.

Another fact that you need to consider is Google loves blogs. The search engine will send Google bots each time you add new content. The more content you add, the better for your ranking in search engines.

Plugins and customization is another reason to use WordPress compared to other blogging scripts. You can find thousands of free plugins to install in your blog. Some plugins will ease you to generate traffic and maximize clicks on Google Adsense ads.

2. Place your ads on top of the blog and at the end of a post.

Advertising Manager is one free WordPress plugin that you can use to place Adsense or other ads anywhere in your blog.

One hot spot to place Google Adsense is on top of your blog. One visitor who’s looking for something at search engines would probably see your ads first and click on them. Remember to use dark blue as your ads title, since it will generate high click thru rate.

3. Get targeted traffic from search engines.

While you are not selling anything with Adsense or CPA marketing, it is important that you focus on relevancy. Remember, only relevant audience will show interest in certain products, services, CPA offers or even ads.

Therefore, the best traffic to make money from Adsense is search engine traffic. You need to use SEO Ultimate plugin or other plugins to optimize each posts and your entire blog for better ranking in search engines.

Next, you can get traffic from Youtube by posting a simple and short video. Posting videos to Youtube and other video sharing sites will also help you getting quality backlinks, which is important to your search engine ranking.

Halloween Super Affiliate is a superb marketing course about making thousands with Adsense. If you need more details about this program, read this Halloween Super Affiliate review .

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