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How to become an herbalist? The best way to become an herbalist is to attend a college that specializes in teaching alternative medicine. There are three colleges that stand out as good schools for this field. They are the Clayton College of Natural Health, the Global College of Natural Medicine and the Natural Healing College.

The variety of courses, on line testing procedure, internship and job placement help are the criteria used to find the best college for a student interested in becoming a master herbalist, and knowledgeable in naturopathy.

Clayton College of Natural Health offers two Bachelors, two Masters and one Doctorate degree. You can take your tests and quizzes online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their tuition offers two choices; you can pay per hour or choose in a one year annual enrollment plan that will reduce the price per credit hour. A Bachelor degree without the enrollment plan is $ 127 per credit hour, with the plan it is $ 103 per credit hour. They offer a 5% discount for military.

You can take certificate programs along with one Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degree at the Global College of Natural Medicine. This school has you mail in your tests and assignment. This process is very time consuming. A Bachelor degree is about $ 4,000 without enrollment and shipping fees.

The Natural Healing College offers a wide variety of alternative medicine courses. You are not required to mail in your tests and your tests are graded right away which means you can quickly complete your online degree!

Another attribute of the Natural Healing College is their Masters degree program offers tuition that is considerably lower than other alternative medicine schools such as Clayton and Global colleges. This school has the best alternative medicine courses. The Natural Healing College has an excellent internship program and they also have a job placement program.

How to become an herbalist? You would begin by getting a degree from a college that focuses on teaching holistic medicine. There are three colleges that are excellent and they focus on holistic medicine. Learn more by visiting the natural healing college




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