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by Bloggers Shouldn't Live Without Plug-insAttention all Wordpress bloggers! Do you know that Wordpress is

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WordPress Bloggers Shouldn’t Live Without Plug-ins

Attention all WordPress bloggers! Do you know that WordPress is so wonderful that there are actually plug-ins that will make your life so much easier? It’s true! WordPress was very well designed, making it easier for programmers to create plug-ins that can make your life so much easier! Plug-ins for article automation is what you need!

Do you have a new WordPress blog that you want to help push along and get to the top in Google ranking? What makes a site look good for Google? Actually it looks good for anyone. If you are going to drive traffic to your blog but don’t have enough information on it, people may get bored and not come back. Whether you have an old blog you consolidated, purchased some wonderful new PLR or you had articles written for you by ghost writers you will need a way to put them into your WordPress.

Sure you can do it manually but with this astonishing article automation plug-in for WordPress you can put in 100’s with all customized stamps! How amazing is that?! You don’t have to put them altogether as the same time stamp or even within a couple of minutes. You can create your blog look like you literally posted each recent article day by day. It’s an astonishing choice! This is definitely just one plug-in you shouldn’t live without. When I found this web site providing this plug-in I was in paradise.

I could post hundreds of PLR material to post randomly within just a couple of seconds!! I also enjoyed the fact that I could pick out my own categories, and my adsense codes would automatically be put on to each and every article! I enjoy it!

Do you blog for fun or blog for profit? Disregarding what you use your blog for you prefer to keep your blog fresh with new data day in and day out. The last thing you may want to do is waste your time writing and posting a new content a day. You might forget, life may get in the direction, whatever the case is, you don’t have to! This plug in will do it for you!

An individual great plug-in that I enjoyed was the WA Auto RSS. This is another simple, easy to apply plug-in that will import RSS content within my niche to my internet site in a random matter. At the hour I want it to grab articles and import it, it will happen. I don’t even require to be around for it to do such a thing!! This is an astounding feature, but better yet it adds my adsense or banner ads to each and every RSS article it creates!! This is very powerful when you are speaking SEO!

Alright, I saved the best for last. This is astounding. Do you have an item you are merchandising? Or maybe you make income by promoting another product? Either way, you can set up your blog to post the SAME “ad” or blog post once a month, a week, or a day! However often you want to add your detail to people’s attention, you could have the WA Time stamp repeater automatically post it for you. It will seem like you stood in front of your computer and posted it yourself.

These 3 plug-ins for WordPress are impressive tools that no blogger should live without!

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