Protect your child with Umbilical Cord Banking

by Internet Archive Book ImagesAll going to be Moms get busy with preparations for welcoming the new one in their lives. They ensure to get the bes

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All going to be Moms get busy with preparations for welcoming the new one in their lives. They ensure to get the best medical facilities, diet, environment, and care. Every mother wants to give the best to their child, but there could be situations where advance preparations might not be enough to meet any unknown surprises for the little one. After reading the above line you might be thinking what kind of surprises you could be in for, now that’s difficult to say. Any deficiency or an excess of minerals could have its side-effects on the little one and it’s obvious that no parent would want that their little one should suffer all their life for it. Secondly all expecting parents need to go in for Pre-Born Education which raises an awareness of today’s complications one can expect and how to be prepared for it, they also share modern day Pregnancy Tips which is very useful for expecting mothers. To meet these kinds of health concerns science has now come with a solution called Cord Blood Banking. What is Cord Blood Banking? It is the blood that is taken from the placenta or the baby cord (which connects the baby to its mother) soon after the birth of the baby. Cord blood is known to be a rich source of haematopoietic stem cells, which are majorly responsible for replenishing blood and regenerating the immune system.

Stem Cell Transplant India or rather Umbilical Cord Banking is becoming very popular today. It helps one to meet unexpected health concerns in the later stages of life. There are more than 80 incurable diseases which can be treated with stem cells found in cord blood. Diseases like Acute Leukemia, Chronic Leukemia, Disorders of Blood Cell Proliferation, Inherited Platelet Abnormalities, Inherited Immune System Disorder, Transplants for Inherited Metabolic Disorders, etc..the list goes on. You might now want to know more about Cord Blood Banking.

Collection of Cord Blood is a simple process where you need to pre-inform the respective Cord Blood Bank in advance about the expected time of delivery. It is completely safe process and does not involve any complications. Immediately after delivery the cord is clamped and cut and the blood is collected in a blood bag provided by the cord blood bank. This entire process of collection is absolutely painless and does alter the process of birth in any way. The collected cord blood is now stored in Cryo-Storage facilities.

Today there are various accredited and certified Cord Blood Banks available in India which are equipped with the state of the art facilities and also maintain world class quality in providing specialists in this field. Cord blood banking today is future of tomorrow and has given a new hope to the awaiting millions suffering from various incurable diseases.

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