Secure you child’s future health with Umbilical Cord Banking

by Batara Umbilical Cord Banking or stem cell banking couple words which pop up at least for once in front of expecting parents when they visit any pr

making the future of the baby secure by the umbilical cord banking and other pre born education and pregnancy tips:
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Secure you child's future health with Umbilical Cord Banking 2
by Batara

Umbilical Cord Banking or stem cell banking couple words which pop up at least for once in front of expecting parents when they visit any pregnancy related websites or visit a doctor. What is Stem Cell Banking? Is it really important for every parent?
Stem cells are very unique in themselves; they have potential to treat an enormous range of diseases and conditions. They can renew themselves almost indefinitely and they have the special ability to differentiate into cells with specialized characteristics and functions. Stem cells themselves are largely unspecialized cells which then give rise to specialized cells. Because these reasons stem have high therapeutic value. They are actively being used in cell therapies (A cell therapy is a treatment that replaces dysfunctional or diseased tissues with stem cells). More than 75 life threatening diseases can be treated with stem cell therapy. Many people have been saved from hopeless situations like different types of cancers, blood disorders, and genetic disorders.
Stem cell banking is a procedure in which child’s stem cells driven from Cord Blood are preserved. Cord Blood is the blood which is found in Umbilical Cord of the baby. After a baby is born and the umbilical cord is cut, some blood remains in the blood vessels of the placenta and the portion of the umbilical cord that remains attached to it. After birth, baby no longer needs this extra blood. This blood is called placental blood or umbilical cord blood. Cord blood is the rich source of hematopoietic (blood-forming) stem cells, similar to those found in bone marrow.
Stem cells are found in bone marrow as well. But it is easy to collect cord blood stem cell than from bone marrow. Retrieving stem cells from bone marrow involves surgical procedure which has post operative effects on the donor. When stem cell therapy is performed, a perfect match of stem cell is required for the recipient. If cord blood stem cells are used instead of stem cells from bone marrow there are very minimum chances of graft versus host disease (GVHD). This may be because cord blood has a muted immune system and certain cells, usually active in an immune reaction, are not yet educated to attack the recipient.
If in family there has been history of some particular disease or genetic disease, than it becomes necessary for the expected parents to plan for Umbilical Cord Banking of their child. Pre-Born Education helps all expected parents to completely understand the necessity of storing their child’s cord blood. In case any kind of disease appears in your child, at any point of life than your child will always have a health insurance in form his cord blood cells.
During pregnancy mother does her best to give complete care to herself and child and follows all pregnancy tips. Now every mother can get rid of worries about the future health of child with stem cell banking.

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