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Have You Seen These 4 Blogging Tips

by Ikhlasul AmalBlogging is no longer a new topic on the internet. Things move quickly online and so it is with blogging. What I have found is that

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Blogging is no longer a new topic on the internet. Things move quickly online and so it is with blogging. What I have found is that many people have heard of it, but very few people really understand it. So here are 4 blogging tips anyone can use regardless of their level of experience.

1. When you start out choose a theme for your blog that you have an interest in. Maybe it is an area that you have knowledge in from work or a hobby. Anything that will make it easier for you is a plus to you and your readers.

2. Find your comfort level on how often you post and then stick with it. One of the biggest mistakes a blogger makes is they start off gung ho and then they fizzle out. You can tell when this has happened to a blog. It is full of good quality information. Everyday there is a new post. Then the time between posts gets longer and longer. Finally there are no posts at all.

You are better off to post many times when you first get started and then settle into a weekly routine of a couple of times and stick to it. This is better for your readers as well because they know what to expect form you on a consistent basis.

3. Keep your content relative to the theme of your blog. No there is nothing wrong with saying anything that you want, but keep in mind why people stop by to read what you have to say. If your blog is about how to play the guitar and you are drifting off into political commentary then you need to consider starting a separate blog for that.

4. Is your blog a hobby or are you trying to make money. Nothing wrong with either one, just know which yours is. Making money with your blog can be done in the text of each post by hyper linking keyword phrases to money making sales pages. You can also add graphics that link to something you sell. Do not be put off by people who criticize your money making efforts either. It is your blog, not theirs.

In summary blogging is around to stay on the internet. Become a student of it and then apply what you learn to make your blog better than it is today. Keeping these 4 things in mind is a good start.

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