How To Extract Email Attachments From Outlook?

by Fouquier ॐ MS Outlook gets used mostly by the Users-Many users in businesses, enterprises, homes, etc carry out their email communication with Ou

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MS Outlook gets used mostly by the Users-Many users in businesses, enterprises, homes, etc carry out their email communication with Outlook email client. The reasons why many users prefer this email client are its easy usage, advanced features, free online support and the big name, Microsoft, which added in front of its name. This email client is developed by Microsoft and users get many better facilities in it. The storage limit of database in this email client differs with its editions. If the edition of this Outlook email client is earlier (2000, 2002 and 97) then, it will offer 2 GB size limit for the storage of email and other database but, if the edition of this email client is recent (2003, 2007 and 2010) then, it will offer 20 GB size limit. The PST file is the database file, which gets created in this Outlook email client for storage of database and entire database including emails, contacts, journals, tasks, etc gets in it. It is of two types; ANSI and Unicode. ANSI offers 2 GB size limit while Unicode offers 20 GB size limit.

With Emails, Attachments also get Stored and Shared- If the emails get exchanged by the email client then, it is obvious that the attachments will also get exchanged and attachments take lots of storage space of email clients. If the attachments are important then, deleting them is also not an option. The older emails with important attachments can get archived but, archiving also takes similar storage space on hard drive, so, it’s better to extract important attachments from older emails and then, deleting the older emails. By doing this, you can save lots of storage space, can get rid complexity and can also get rid of other information of emails, which is not important like attachments. In place of archiving, you can extract all important attachments of Outlook emails and delete the emails later on after extraction but, when you plan to extract Outlook attachments, you stuck with a query, “How to extract email attachments from Outlook”

How to Extract Outlook Email Attachments? – By using Outlook Attachment Extractor third party tool, you can quickly extract important attachments from older or newer Outlook emails. This third party tool provides the provision to extract all kinds of attachments including documents, PPTs, video files, audio files, zip files, etc of Outlook email database. You extract email attachments from Outlook all editions including Outlook 2002, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 (32 bit) and Outlook 2010 (64 bit). A smooth and problem free process to extract email attachments from Outlook can be carried in all the versions of Windows OS by using this tool.

Company has added one more product in its PST Management section that can help solving different requirements of Outlook users. Name of that product is Outlook Attachment Extractor and users can extract all types of attachments of Outlook emails by using it.



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