How To Make $100 A Day Or More With Adsense

Google's AdSense is one of the top money making programmes out there and most internet marketers use it as the no. 1 way to get new customers. There a

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How to make $100 with AdSense and earn more moneyGoogle’s AdSense is one of the top money making programmes out there and most internet marketers use it as the no. 1 way to get new customers. There are some internet marketers who make an income exclusively with Adsense and most of them generate more than $ 5,000 a month. This means that some internet marketers are earning more than $ 100 per day with AdSense. Some internet marketers generate more than $ 10, 000 income a month with AdSense.

If you are of those marketers who are not yet making anywhere near $ 100 a day online, you need to learn more about AdSense.

To get started you need to first get familiar with how it works. Go to the AdSense website and open an account. If you have an existing Google Gmail account, you can sign in with that. You will need to be ready with a great website where you can place your ads. Once logged in, take some time to get familiar with the user interface. You can also spend some time reading the support pages.

There are a lot of things for you to discover and get to understand with AdSense. Don’t delay getting started, as Google can sometimes take a while to accept your site.

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SEO Tips For Newbies

The following AdSense tips you have probably heard before but they are worth repeating;

  1. Position your ads near the top so it is seen first by your visitors
  2. Blend your ads in with your site – try to use the same font as your web pages
  3. High paying ads – if you get lots of traffic you will have higher paid ads showing on your web pages
  4. Make sure your ad sizes are good so they are visible to your web pages visitors
  5. Work on your Click Through Rates The most important Tip above is to work on an excellent Click through rate (or CTR.) If you applied all the tips and optimised your website properly, work on your Click Trough Rate above all else.

If you set your goal to monitor your Click Through Rate and improve it, you will be able to compare your results and tweak your optimisation and copy to improve the Click Through Rate. Once you start the testing and get data that check the results you will start to see some change for the better.

So get everything in place, make sure you have a great website and well optimised with great keywords, and concentrate on your Click Through Rate to get to that coveted $ 100 per day.