How to Make Big Money With Adsense Fast

The Google adsense program is one of the most popular advertising programs on the internet. Each day more webmasters realize that they can increase th

Google Adsense – How To Start Making Money
See How Easily You Can Keep Your Earnings Up With These Adsense Tips
Google Adsense Tips And Tricks

The Google adsense program is one of the most popular advertising programs on the internet. Each day more webmasters realize that they can increase their internet revenues by strategically implementing adsense on their websites. Unfortunately most websites do not optimize their potential to make the most money with adsense. The click through rates are so low that the income generated is almost negligible. However this can be fixed very quickly by making a few simple changes. Here are a few adsense optimization tips that can help to increase your overall earnings:

Tip 1: Put Ads Above The Fold

The section of your website that is seen when the site first loads without having to scroll down is consider ‘above the fold’. This is an important part of your site since it gets plenty of attention. It is not necessary to flood this part with ads but rather you can subtly add a horizontal or vertical link unit mixed in with the rest of the content. Maintaining a good ad to content ratio is important so never flood a site with just ads.

Tip 2: Use Well Recognized Link Colors

Blue is the standard for links on the internet. Try to make your site navigation links blue in color so that your adsense links can blend in with the rest of your site.

Tip 3: Use the 336×280 Ad Unit

This particular ad unit has a history of good performance as far as click through rates are concerned so use it whenever you can.

Tip 4: Wrap Content Around Ad Units

If you have a decent length article then consider using an html table

and wrap the content around the ads. This should help to dramatically increase click through rates.

Tip 5: Use The Maximum Allowable Ads

The adsense program permits 3 ad units and 2 link units. If a page has enough content then be sure to use the maximum number of ads as long as your page does not develop the flea market syndrome which occurs with too much advertising and too little content. If there is an article over 800 words in length then you should be easily able to integrate the maximum allowable ads without turning off your website visitors.

Tip 6: Make The URL Color Black Or Grey

It may be best to make the url at the bottom of each ad either black or grey. This is because you want visitors to notice the headline which is created by advertisers to draw clicks so doing this places more focus on the headline of the ad.

Tip 7: Draw Relevant Ads

It is important to use adsense in niches that are advertiser heavy otherwise you will not get relevant ads. Also make sure each page is optimized properly with proper keyword meta tags, description meta tags and keyword rich title tags. Also make the url of the page keyword rich also to increase the chances of getting the most relevant ads. Use some of these adsense tips to increase your internet revenues.

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