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Nice Setup WordPress Blogging Tips

There are some useful WordPress blogging tips that anyone starting out as a blogger would find helpful to know. Here are some useful tips related to setting up your blog.

First, investigate into other people’s method of running a blog. Talk with other WordPress bloggers and consult with them about the way they ran their WordPress blogs. Or, just read their posts to see how they did it. Looking around allows you to get a bunch of nice ideas.

Second, find a good web host for your site. Obviously, you are going to need a host that is PHP enabled, but that should be the first thing you check and not the only thing. Make sure that they have consistent uptime records and are reliable. You want to make sure that their site doesn’t go down often, and there are other sites that review the various hosts and often keep records of the speed of their servers and their uptimes.

When finding a good host, you should not jump at people who are offering much more value than the price that they are charging. It isn’t likely that you will be able to get huge amounts of disk space for small amounts per month. 4 dollars a month for 20 gigabytes is clearly off. A good price range for something reliable is around 10 dollars a month.

Many people who have a problem find that the biggest issue is with support staff. If you have bad support staff with your host, then it is very hard to get any use from the web host you chose. Find out about the quality of the service support at the host you are looking into before signing, or you could find it very hard to back out again.

Try calling up the support hotline for a trial run before you sign up. That’s the best way to see if the support service matches your needs. Some people will get frustrated if the support service treats everyone like absolute idiots and beginners. Others feel less confident with their technical skills and want to make sure that the basics are being covered. Make sure that they answer the phone quickly enough.

Normally, when you pick a host, the next stage is to pick a domain name. Think of something that is brief and still going to be easy on the memory. Don’t use any new spinoff extensions, like dot-tv. Most people associate sites with dot-com. Trying something else tends to push their memories.

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