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Quick Tips On How To Take Money From Google

NEW Information on GOOGLE ADWORDS We don't have any news from Google... But what news we do have is about Google. Like any subject, like any aspect

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We don’t have any news from Google… But what news we do have is about Google.

Like any subject, like any aspect of life, there are very few changes… Yet what is new is a ‘new perspective; the ‘old system’ but with a new eye. Some formulas are explored within a few weeks of a system originating; others ideas take some time to manifest and develop. Once tried and tested, although 6 to 12 months in the making, they are new to everyone else.

Occasionally all who use Google Adwords are prone and tempted to trying a little experiment; testing an idea to see if it works. Finance of course prevents us from exploring the idea to its fullest. Just when we think we’ve got a handle on a way to earn some serious cash; does the idea or system go belly up.

So as a consequence of our experimentation and subsequent failure we patiently await with our ears to the ground for the next breakthrough; made by those other people that we envy.

I introduce the hard work, patience and persistence of Andrew and Stephen who have produced a double volume ebook entitled the Google Magic Formula.

The first book introduces the basics for Google Adwords and few of the more seasoned professionals need to read this volume. But the juice and fervor surrounding the magical tips and advice that flows through the entire second volume; it makes you wonder why I have the time to write this article.

When you have mixed, matched, worked beyond midnight and started before 6am on varying topics related to earning your living off Google Adwords; then the Google Magic Formula becomes a big contribution to your arsenal.

As I read through the Google Magic Formula I noticed areas I had dabbled in but not fully understood. Eureka was the cry… Suddenly it all fell into place!

Please… Just at times I am a bit pigheaded claiming I know everything there is to know, but when you find a few more tweaks that will help your campaigns, I have to step down off my pedestal and get back into the real world.

Meanwhile, Google shareholders are sipping their Moet with friends in their 20th floor Penthouse apartment in New York City. These shareholders are beaming. Like Google, they know that 90% of all Adwords account holders fail in their mission to make money.

This majority just pump hard earned cash into Google’s ever-increasing coffers, giving Google shareholders a reason to $ mile as they just sit back and watch their bank accounts get fatter and fatter with every new Google Adwords newbie signing up online.

As you read the new Google Magic Formula a paragraph will start seemingly full of what you already know, then soon you read beyond a gem of a suggestion and you track back to read it again… and then again. I’ll break off know because I’m itching to get started. Speak again soon.

Mr. P. Booker

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