Tips and Guidelines of WordPress Development for WordPress Developer

by is a CMS system and open source tool. Basically it is based on PHP and MYSQL. It was developed in 2003

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WordPress is a CMS system and open source tool. Basically it is based on PHP and MYSQL. It was developed in 2003 and widely used by more than millions of websites. It is basically a blogging system to share and post of information’s over the web. It is an open source project and thousands of people are working on it for commercial purposes. It can customizable at any stage of the website development process.

WordPress offers advanced CMA features which helps the wordPress developer to control over the codlings. WordPress development is the best practice for commercial purpose. To develop a good and effective wordPress application experienced wordPress developer and beginners should follow some tips and guidelines. Some of these are bellow

* Standard of Coding: At the time of wordPress development a developer should simplify the codes. It is a biggest aspect of development. High standard, clean and reliable coding helps to avoid common coding errors.

* Function Name Collisions: Avoiding Function Name Collisions, it happens when a function has the same name as a function that’s already been defined.

* Comments on Code: Though wordPress is a CMS System, lots of developers may see your codes. WordPress developer can easily understood the code and finally get some way to go to the right path.

* Security Tips: Security is big, serious and important concern. Security

helps in keeping the coda correct.

WordPress applications are most popular and widely used framework. It has more benefits compare to the other framework. Here you can have a small look over the benefits of WordPress applications.

* It’s very easy to use and one can manage in any computer.

* Software installation and html coding and not required.

* Major search engines like Google like WordPress, because this framework is more search engine friendly comparing to other.

* You will get 100% control over your website and you can customize your whole design.

* You can extent your website functionality with the help of plug-ins and have multi user facility.

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