AdSense Tips – Start Making More Money From Your Info Site

If you are a website or a blog owner, then starting the AdSense Account is not a difficult one. One of the latest and easiest money-making method is G

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Create a google adsense accoount and start to make money from your website and web pageIf you are a website or a blog owner, then starting the AdSense Account is not a difficult one. One of the latest and easiest money-making method is Google AdSense Program. Just create the Adsense account and with the google, follow the adsense tips  and place the code in your website to start your money fetching online business. Suppose, if you are doing some other business through your website and if your website is viewed by many people, then you can effortlessly earn extra income through adwords. A website that creates more traffic will get the largest earnings. This article will give you some extra tips to earn money through Adsense.


  • It is a known fact that the content of a website is behind the traffic generated to a website. You should create the content on a single subject that people are searching for. So, google will send the advertisements on a single topic that is related to the subject and content of your website. Visitors will start building trust on your website, when they find both the contents and advertisements are in the similar subject. So, you will get more clicks on your ads from the viewers. Also Google offers more pay for the ads that are on the similar topic and more useful to the audience.
  • Your website design, color scheme, text style etc. should be given priority to get more clicks. At the same time you should also place the ad in the right place to invite the audience to click. You will find both text based advertisements and image based advertisements, but 90% of the ads are text based one. So, you can alter the size, color and style of the text to match with your web page. Finally, you should fix a proper place to your advertisement. An advertisement is best viewed when it is placed at the top of the web page. Instead of placing the ad in the horizontal format, place it in the vertical format to make it unique.


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  • You should write about 2% to 3% of your keyword in the post. These keywords or key phrases will decide the ranking of your website in google search engine. Especially, the title should be derived using the keyword that people are using to search. Apart from that, the keywords should be repeated at least 8 to 10 times in the body to improve your website ranking. Adding fresh contents with good keyword density will drive more traffic to your site.
  • Use multiple web pages and spread the advertisement in different pages. If you post too much of ads in single web page, the viewers will run away from your website. Viewers include such sites into spammers list. You can’t create a multiple adsense accounts but you can apply each adsense on multiple pages.

So, after the above tips and rules, you can start getting a decent income every month. There are also other guidelines that you need to follow to hold your adsense account permanently. Google don’t like spamming and that is what they disliked most. So, never try to click your advertisement using software or through your staffs. You can naturally drive traffic and get more clicks on your advertisement, if you follow the above simple tips.