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Dear blogger, Have you gotten up one day and seriously questioned yourself on why you are blogging. Did you notice that you are becoming more and mor

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Blogger GuidesDear blogger,

Have you gotten up one day and seriously questioned yourself on why you are blogging. Did you notice that you are becoming more and more stressed and less happy?

Have you ever considered quitting your blog?

It’s normal, I have experienced it too. Blogging, just like any other business that people do needs a lot of hard work and a lot of dedication.

In the beginning, almost all of your efforts will not be yielding the kind of results that you want. That is normal.

However, because the output (if any) which most bloggers get is very negligible compared to the response, they instantly decide to quit.

But quitting is the wrong way to tackle the problem. You have probably already heard the adage that quitters never win. Most bloggers who experienced this phase while starting out and overcame it, went on to become very successful and happy. In fact, if you have blogged for up to year and you’ve not at one been in a dilemma of whether to quit or not; then I don’t think that you had a goal in mind while starting out.

A study that nearly 95% of blogs are eventually abandoned. And the reason for that could be attributed to little or no user engagement with the blogs. Since, the number of website visitors is very negligible, they won’t make any sales or get enough advertising​revenue that could pay off their bills.

What’s worse?

The blogosphere is getting crowded day by day. According to a study by Technorati, 2.75 million blog posts are published each day. And because a lot of information is pushed out each day, it implies that the little startups will be getting little to no traffic at all.

But this shouldn’t deter you from taking your blog to the next level if you want to. The way to the top is filled with hurdles. I have outlined the steps that you should take to learn how to be happy and more successful in your blogging career.

  1. Stop Spending Money As If You Are Bill Gates

One thing that bloggers don’t talk about is how expensive blogging can be. However, you don’t need to empty your pockets in the beginning.

It is quite surprising to find some bloggers who are spending boatloads of money in the early stages of their blogging career. If you ask any of them, they will tell you that they are investing in their future. For Christ’s sake, you are just starting out. And you obviously don’t need to buy courses that teach you strategies that you are less likely to use at this your level.

All the information that you will ever need to get started with blogging is free. In fact, the best things that you will ever get in life are almost always free. So, stop giving out the hard-earned money that you got from your day job to these so called gurus. If you do that and finally realize that your return on investment is quite low, you will become less happy.

  1. Figure Out Why You Are Creating Your Own “Corner of the Internet”

“The why of blogging” – that’s what it is called. And if don’t already know the meaning of this clause, it implies the motivating factor that pushed you to create the blog in the first place. When someone visits your blog, it should be the first thing noticeable there.

If you are one of the few people who didn’t figure out why they needed to blog, then it might be the main reason that you are not happy doing what you are doing. And if you ask me my opinion, I will tell you to quit. And go back to the drawing board. And figure out why the heck you are doing what you are doing.

Once you do that, your happiness, willingness and even your success in blogging will grow in leaps.

  1. Disobey the Rules Like a Boss.

I love case studies. I really do. This is because of the fact that it shows how someone decided to deviate from the normal way in which a particular thing is done.

So, you don’t have to do every single thing stated by the rules to the last letter. Damn the rules and test your own ideas. So, the next time that a guru tells you to do something, just list.

Go back to your drawing board, tweak and test, tweak and test till you have gotten something that works for you. In the end, you will realize that what works for the gurus might not work for you.

Therefore, if you are swallowing all their advice hook, line and sinker, it might be working (which is a good thing) but you might not be making enough progress as you want.

And come to think of it, no guru would want to give you all their tips even if you paid them, otherwise they will stop been gurus.

  1. Connect or Die

If you are observant about life, you will find out that everything is a question of “who do you know”. Even renowned authors in the field of personal development like Robert Greene (the author of 48 Laws of Power) and Dale Carnegie (the author of How to Win Friends and Influence People) agree that your connections help in determining how far that you can go in life.

Prosper Noah of Tipsonblogging recently published a case study showing how he increased his blog traffic by 4000+ through commenting on people’s website. Also, Neil Patel has also announced that he made $25,000 just by commenting.


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What’s the bottom line?

You need to start building relationships with people. And when I say “relationships”, I mean high quality relationships: the type that gets lots of big companies bidding for ad space on your blog, the type that gets you high quality clients and the type that gets you featured on big publications.

  1. You Are Not Made of the Same Mettle – So Stop Comparing Yourself to “The Big Players”.

I have some friends who quit blogging because some random guy on the internet told them that they are not good enough. But I don’t blame them as I blame some of my friends who quit blogging because they have tried to catch up with the “Joneses” without much success.

For the sake of your goals, stop checking them out. Stop checking out their Alexa ranking. Stop checking out their number of followers that they have. Stop trying to publish the same number of posts that they have published.

They just. Don’t. MATTER

You are losing time by doing this. And if you are doing this, you will never grow. The only competition that you have is against yourself, develop a feasible strategies that are sure to get you better results than you had the previous day. If you keep doing that, the sky will only be your starting point.


This post is a guest post from Lawrence Ozeh you can read his new post Learn How to Be Happy



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