Buying And Selling Expired Domain Traffic – Tips And Methods To Make Money

Expired traffic plays an important role in expired domain business. It is a critical element that can create immense value to your domains. All famous

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Expired traffic plays an important role in expired domain business. It is a critical element that can create immense value to your domains. All famous expired domains invariably had tons of incoming traffic attached to it. People who are looking for an expired domain are very eager to buy it if it has traffic and links attached to it. Buying and selling expired domain traffic is a profitable idea that can result in an ongoing online income to your business.
Before you wish to sell it to other people, you may need to acquire domain traffic on a consistent basis. There are actually two different modes of acquiring it to your expired domain. One method is to purchase the traffic from a reseller by paying a price while the other is to accumulate it by redirecting the traffic to your domain. Purchasing and using expired traffic involves lots of effort, investing time and money.

This method is also a mode of flipping your domains by adding commercial value to the web pages. While flipping your domain, you may need to collect organic type of traffic that is real and well recognized by major search engines. Once you purchase your expired domains, you will need to create a redirection mechanism on them so that anyone who makes a visit to your defunct sites will be redirected to your main site.

Selling expired traffic through your expired domains require lot of patience and effort as building quality links will always take lot of time. Domain flipping to add traffic is a value based activity that will eventually end up in selling an expired domain for a very high price. Some of the well-known methods that can

bring in lots of traffic are:

a) Affiliate a program that not only provides you an ongoing type of income, but also brings a considerable amount of traffic.

b) Flipped domains with a catchy web site and keyword enriched content will provide you an opportunity to sell them at premium prices. Such domains are very good candidates for PPC campaigns and Google AdSense programs. When you use these innovative methods to promote your expired domains, you are adding quality traffic and inbound links.

c) Placing individual web pages based on defunct and non-functional expired domains over the internet and insert outgoing links to your main websites. This simple action may result in redirecting traffic to your other web sites. In the meantime, all defunct expired domains will add invisible value to themselves resulting in increased domain gains.

In essence, expired domain traffic helps you in two distinctive ways:

a) Inflating the inherent value of the domain. Traffic enriched domains can yield you better profits as well.

b)You can also act as an expired domain traffic reseller by selling traffic to other people. However, collecting such traffic is a dicey affair and a difficult task.

In the end, you may need to search for an effective domain flipping system to add commercial value to your domains. Traffic enriched expired web domains can help you set up a strong and highly profitable domain trading business.

John Khu is an author and also a seasoned professional with vast experience in expired domain name business. He is also the owner of the path breaking web site called which provides complete and up-to-date information on expired domains and their eternal secrets.

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