What You Need Before Start Blogging

Blogging has become common journal for most internet users. Some net users are using it for fun sharing their experiences and some using it to make so

What You Need To Know Before Start Blogging?
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Blogging has become common journal for most internet users. Some net users are using it for fun sharing their experiences and some using it to make some profits. Most people start blogging without realizing there are guidelines need to be followed when blogging.

What You Need Before Start Blogging 1

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So, there are some basic guidelines that you need to follow, if you use a service blogger or WordPress they have their own terms and conditions for posting content. You cannot just post anything, so always read the terms and conditions to avoid unnecessary things. If you do not follow their rules, your blog will probably get deleted.

If you host a blog on your own hosting account, using software like WordPress. You have full control over the content you post, so your blog would not get deleted. This is one of the advantages as an owner.

So, probably you have started asking what are the things you can do and things you cannot do when blogging.

Here are some of the tips you can use when blogging that can avoid you from being banned.

  1. Do put pictures and multimedia sources to enhance the content. Could either be a vlog, photograph, youtube videos and some other things to make your site looks good.
  2. Do base your posts with a good category structure to make it easy to find content for a particular topic.
  3. Do put paragraphs and sub-ideas. It is not entertaining to read one block of the manuscript. Digest it into pieces.
  4. Do create mutual communication between you and your readers. Answer queries without leaving your readers hanging for an answer.
  5. Do make your article as simple and as easy to understand as possible. Avoid beating around the bush. Not unless you wanted to captivate your readers with your literary prowess. Write like your talking to a friend.
  6. Do respect your readerā€™s opinions. That is the essence of being a blogger. Accept the truths. Do away with the insults.
  7. Do update. If you make blogging a part of your life, post as often as possible with fresh content.

And here are some of the things that you need to avoid when blogging.

  1. Do not go against your host legal boundaries. You should respect their terms and conditions.
  2. Do not ignore the quality of your content. Be specific with posting information.
  3. Do not provoke fights. Sometimes comments can be a pain. And sometimes, none of it is true. Let it go and do not waste your energy.
  4. Do not waste a post with inappropriate details that would just confuse your audience.
  5. Do not copy the works of others. They might sue you for plagiarism for this. Produce something original. Imitations trigger criticisms.
  6. Do not be afraid to advertise. It is one way to make your blog famous among the masses. Go to other sites and leave your blog address. It is a matter of giving and take.
  7. Do not attack individuals, companies or fellow blogger. Show respect. If you disagree with an opinion, tell it with caution.
  8. Do not disregard your responsibilities. Journalism still has its price. Being able to write in a liberated way does not erase you of your obligations.

Most internet sites like Yahoo! and IBM publishes their guidelines on blogging. It is intended to be read, understood, and accepted by the blogger. Obey certain rules and policies. It would not do you wrong. Libelous materials could cause you problems, so better follow the rules.

Hopefully, with this blogging tips, you can gain some knowledge that will avoid you from getting a ban.


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