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by sean dreilinger If you own or operate or are otherwise responsible for a web site you should be well aware of something called search engine optimi

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If you own or operate or are otherwise responsible for a web site you should be well aware of something called search engine optimization. You should also be aware of how to implement the multitude of SEO tips that help you increase your web site traffic and page rank and of course the amount of money your site is generating. Here are just a few tips you should find helpful and beneficial to your page rank.

Use bold keywords. While this seems like such a simple and obvious thing to do, too many sites do not feature keywords in text in a prominent way. There is no reason to highlight every keyword on every page, however an appropriate number of bold keywords is always a good idea. Making your keywords stand out is never a bad thing, and while it can be overdone, with some practice and experimentation you will be able to determine what is right for your site.

You also need to work on something called deep linking. Search engines display your page based on it ranking, and you rate higher if multiple pages on your site are linked to from some other page. If all the links to your site point to your home page alone you will be ranked lower and your site will be viewed, at least by the algorithm, as have content of little value.

Images make web sites pretty and often make them easier to navigate. Still text links are valuable as are title links. First, text and title links make your page easier for the disabled to get around on your site, and second the bots like to see text links. What’s more, the bots lock on to the first link they find, so code the text links in front of the images for the best results.

If your site is large or small you can benefit from a site map. A common misconception is that site maps are only used by real people when they visit a site. Another common misconception is that your site is easy to navigate. Sometime this is true and other times it is not, but the important thing to know that the search engine bots are crawling your site map just like a real person, so take care to do it right.

Keeping your links alive for as long as possible is another valuable SEO strategy. One way to do this is by creating newsletters and publishing them with ezines that archive their content. Some sites keep their content for years, which means your links will be active there for that long. Do your research here as this is a great way you can improve your site ranking with minimal effort.

If your site has lots of content and it can be separated easily consider a second or multiple domains. Directories generally only factor in one page per domain, so if you have the content, invest in more than one domain.

While there are so many more tips that can help you improve your page rank, these are some valuable tips will help provide you with a good place to start and get you well on your way to more hits, a higher ranking. Of course these two things are what SEO is all about, because as these numbers improve so too do your profits.

Find the best in SEO tips by looking online. There you will find how internet marketing can help you reach the success you’ve been looking for. Head online and learn more today.