How to Get Free USA ATM in Nigeria


How to Get Free USA ATM in Nigeria

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If you are an online marketer, affiliate marketer or a blogger and you earn from the internet but never know how to get your money into your hands, then the good news is that you can get a free US account that you can use to get your payment from any online business and withdraw your money from any ATM in Nigeria with Payoneer.
Get Free USA dollar atm card from payoneerPayoneer is a payment processor that allows internet marketer to receive and make payments in dollars, with Payoneer you can withdraw your Fiverr founds, earning, domain flipping earnings Google AdSense earnings, and even your Aliexpress and any other affiliate earnings and blog earnings with ease. All you need to do is to register for the desired currency and then they will send the ATM card to you and then you are good to go.

What can you do with the Payoneer ATM?

The Payoneer ATM card is the same thing with your ATM card we use here, especially if your ATM is a Mastercard ATM then you have the same card with Payoneer ATM card.
  1. You can use your Payoneer ATM to buy anything from the internet
  2. Withdraw from any ATM machine that supports Mastercard
  3. Pay at any point of sales (POS) centre

How to open a Payoneer Account

To open a Payoneer account is more or less like opening a bank account in your Nigeria where they will ask for government issued cards like a Driver licence, International passport, National identity card (NATIONAL ID CARD) and also you can use your voter’s card too to register.
Go to to open your own account and don’t use any VPN to surf the site, in a situation whereby you use a VPN service try and disconnect it before you start the registration and then you are required to use your VALID DETAILS and ADDRESS because they will send the ATM to the address you submitted when you registered.

How to activate the Payoneer ATM card

To activate the Payoneer ATM when received, you will need to login to and then select the card last number on your dashboard then follow the instructions on the portal to activate the ATM card and also to select the ATM pin.
If you know any other means of getting a USA account in Nigeria please comment below.


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