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How to Save Whatsapp Status Image and Video

In the recent upgrade of WhatsApp, they have added many new features to the messenger application which include the WhatsApp status updates, picture editing before sending and much more other features in the messaging app.
Today we are going to treat how to save picture or video status updates on our devices and use them for our own purpose instead of screenshot or even asking for the updater to send the exact file to you again. This will save a lot of stress in asking for the same files again and again while you have it on your device. it will also give chance to manage your phone space for keeping files and make you also to understand how whatsapp status update works with your phone storage. For us not to wast our time lets go into the real bussiness and learn how to save whatsapp status on our phone.

Requirements for saving WhatsApp status

  1. Any file manager
  2. Viewed WhatsApp status

How to Save WhatsApp status updates

  1. Open your file manager or explorer (ES file manager was use in this tutorial)
  2. Then click on the option key of the file manager (Mostly 3 lines at the top of the app)
  3. Scroll to settings and then click on show hidden files (Check the picture below)
  4. Go to the WhatsApp folder on your device, mostly on the media card 
  5. Open the media folder inside the whatsapp folder on your device 
  6. Then you will see a folder called .Statues (That is where all your viewed statues are saved)
  7. Copy out any file you want to copy from the folder to any other folder on your device
With the information above you can be able to save WhatsApp status update be it video or images without any problem or even screenshot the picture.
NOTE: Any file under the .Statues will be automatically deleted after 24 hours in the folder, therefore you need to move/copy the file out immediately you viewed the file to avoid missing the file on your device.
If you know any other means of saving a whatsapp status please use the comment box below to give your recommendations and it will be highly appreciated.

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