How to Connect Cloudflare WordPress https with Jetpack

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How to Connect Cloudflare WordPress https with Jetpack

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I have been using CloudFlare with my blog right on my formal host, but immediately I migrated my host to Namecheap, I could not be able to connect back my jetpack and in the search, I can up with a working solution to make you access jetpack on WordPress over CloudFlare https.

To get this done, you will need to install some plugin and also temper with your WordPress config code to make all the settings successful. I will not waste much of your time as I will be going straight to the solution to the problem just like I have overcome mine before posting this.

CloudFlare is a popular CDN, caching, and protection service. It can be used with WordPress and is compatible with Jetpack. The best of this is that you can use it for free on your website without paying any dime, but you can upgrade to their paid service if you can afford it.

Steps to Enable Jetpack on CloudFlare https enabled WordPress

To get started, you’ll want to follow the instructions here to add your site to CloudFlare.

Once you’ve done so, I would recommend doing the following:

  • Create a PageRule to exclude WordPress’ dashboard from CloudFlare.
  • Use Cloudflare’s SSL certificate on your site.

Create a PageRule to exclude WordPress’ dashboard from CloudFlare.

While CloudFlare is useful for your readers, you do not need to use it for your site’s dashboard. It may, in fact, cause some issues. Luckily, you can set up rules so CloudFlare ignores your site’s dashboard.

  1. Go to “Page Rules” in your CloudFlare dashboard.
  2. Under “Add New Rule”, enter the following: **
  3. Make sure caching, apps, and performance are disabled.
  4. Save your changes.

CloudFlare page rule to use https on wordpress jetpack

Use Cloudflare’s SSL certificate on your site.

  1. Under the Crypto menu, enable one of Cloudflare’s SSL options. CloudFlare crypto ssl for https
  2. Wait for the changes to be available on your site.
  3. Install and activate the Cloudflare plugin.
  4. Install the Cloudflare Flexible SSL plugin to avoid running into Redirect loop issues in your dashboard.
  5. Enable Administration over SSL (reference) by adding the following to wp-config.php:
     * Admin over SSL
    define('FORCE_SSL_ADMIN', true);
  6. Set the port to 443 by adding the following to wp-config.php:
     * Set port to 443
    $_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'] = 443;
  7. Under Settings > General in your dashboard, change both your site address and WordPress address to use HTTPS.
  8. In your CloudFlare settings, create a Page Rule to redirect all traffic from HTTP to HTTPS.

This is how I overcome the problem of the jetpack not connecting to WordPress and the tutorial was inspired from the official website of the plugin, you can also comment a better way you know.


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    https seems to be all the rage now. Your tutorial couldn’t have come at a better time than now most Search Algos are making it a ranking factor.

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      Yes bro, only to wait for blogger to add this to custom domains, though this can still work with blogger though.
      And there was a message sent by Google some time ago saying as from October they will flag any site that collects passwords without SSL on chrome and some other browsers like UC browser.

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      Thank you for your comment bro, realy appreciate your coming

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