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Blogger custom domain not showing on glo network

How to Open Custom Domain Blogger Blogs on Glo

Blogger blogs are not opening on Glo network in the recent time, this has come to be a problem from Glo blocking the IP address of the blogger custom domain and this has made many bloggers lose a lot of visitors and also the visitors lose interest in the blog except those who really believe in your blog. This tutorial will cover how to open a blogger custom domain blogs on Glo network for both the blog owners and the blog visitors and then everything will be win win for both sides.

How to view a blogger custom domain on Glo for blog viewers

Since the Glo network is not opening the blogger custom domain due to the IP address issue, then the solution will be how to open the IP address and thus, this led to the solution below.

  • Using a VPN to access the blog is the first and only solution on how to open a blogger blogs with a custom domain name.
  • The other option is to use another network to open the blog.

List of VPN that can open blogger blogs on Glo network

All VPN can open a blogger blog on a custom domain, only what you need to do is to use another country as your location and this will change your Glo IP to the country if you chose.

That’s how to open a blogger blog on a custom domain for blog users and you can read 3 Blogging Tips to Help You Become a Better Blogger

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