How to Open Custom Domain Blogger Blogs on Glo

How to Make a Blogger Blogs open on Glo with custom domain Custom domain blogger owner has been in trouble since the day the Glo network is not openin

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How to Make a Blogger Blogs open on Glo with custom domain

Custom domain blogger owner has been in trouble since the day the Glo network is not opening their blogs again, even many bloggers have tried to change their CNAME in the domain registrars and with all, there is no solution to it. But now there is a solution to how to make it viewable to all customers and visitors who use Glo network to browse.

The main thing to do is to change the IP of the google blogger blogs to another one and this is where Cloudflare comes in to use.

  1. Go to and register with your email
    Register for cloudflare to make glo

    Enter your email and password to start registration


  2. insert your domain name into it and then click on begin scan

    Enter your domain and then scan it out

    Add your domain URL to scan

  3. When the scan complete then click on the continue setup button

    Cloudflare scan completed, continue setup

    Click continue setup

  4. It will automatically show your blogger CNAME and IP addresses in the box that will come up

    Cloudflare will bring out the CNAME on your present domain

    It will show the list of CNAME and IP in the present domain registrar

  5. Then choose the free website which is totally free then click continue

    Choose the free website on cloudflare to have a free website

    Use the free website to get started

  6. Go your domain registrar and then add the name server that will come next and then update save the name server and then you are good to go.

    Change your domain nameservers to cloudflare nameservers

    Use the nameservers above in your domain registrar

  7. Then if you want to make your blogger have HTTPS then click here
    How to activate HTTPS on blogger custom domain

    Click to activate the https on blogger


  8. Then click on the DNS section and then add your blogger DNS details to it. Then you are done.




  9. Add the blogger custom domain IP in the A record and use the @ as the name and then point to the following IP

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With the above, you can easily make your blogger blog with custom domain viewable to Glo subscribers and maximize your Great Ways To Make Money With The Internet


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    Oh my God! I’m so grateful I found your blog, I was clueless on how to handle this issue until I found your blog and my users are no longer complaining. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.

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    Hello Friends,

    I know this thread is old but i happen to have a solution for it.

    Glo is finding it hard to open the new Blogger HTTPS IP but there is safe and secure way to make your blogger blog open on glo no matter the browser you are using.

    Here is the article:

    How to force blogger blogs open on Glo without VPN

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    Famedeerock 1 year ago

    Awesome tip, worked like a charm. Thanks.

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