11-11 Mini Importers Best Day Make More Money (MMM)

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11-11 Mini Importers Best Day Make More Money (MMM)

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November 11 is the world biggest shopping festival where many online shoppers will buy items at a ridiculous cheaper price. It is also known as the 11-11 global shopping day where people around the world will shop for their best items and importers will make more money from the items bought and imported to their country from China.aliexpress online stores 11-11 global shopping festival mini importers best day Making more money

Making more money with the 11-11 day is as simple as anything you can think off, all that you need to do is to look into the online stores that are celebrating the 11-11 global shopping day and look for the items that you need and then add them to your cart, when the 11-11 day promo is on then kindly pay for your items and then wait for it to be shipped to you in your country, then sell them to the final consumer and then make more money.

Items like mobile phones, laptops, kitchen utensils, male and female wears, electronic and more can be bought on this day and you can easily ship them into your country and then smile to bank as you can easily sell the items on konga, Jumia or even through your Facebook account and you will be surprise to see how many people will want to buy what you want to sell.

List of Stores with the 11-11 offers

This is just a few of the online stores that are celebrating the global shopping day popularly called ELEVEN ELEVEN (11-11). I have transacted with some the above online store and I never regret doing.

Advise on the global shopping day (11-11)

You are hearing this for the very first time and you want to try it out? then I will advise you to give is a trial? then I will advise you to get the following items for your transactions.

A master card ATM or Visa card (Verve is not widely accepted therefore verve will not work)

A list of items you wish to buy.

The price of the item in your country and compare with the price of the items you want to buy so that you will not end in buying expensive items.

Still, you don’t know how this work, I can tutor you on mini importation one on one with a few bucks, just contact me through the contact button and I will help you till you get your first gain through mini importations.


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    This is superb

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    Nice write up.. i would love to start my own importation business.. Thanks for the tip off.

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      Nice move bro, i believe you will soon share your testimonies here as well.

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    This is cool.

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      Thank you Mr. Murewa, i will love it if you can also implement and share your testimonies here as well. You can also check other post on how to make money.

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