WhatsApp Business Now Let You Have a Business Profile

WhatsApp messenger is the number one most used chat app in the world as of today with over billions of downloads on all devices. This app let you chat

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WhatsApp messenger is the number one most used chat app in the world as of today with over billions of downloads on all devices. This app let you chat with your families and friends at a very low-cost of just using data and make calls over the internet on your phone with either 4G, 3G, 2G, EDGE or Wi-Fi. This app has let many people switch from the conventional SMS to WhatsApp messages and the count is still moving. Now its WhatsApp business to sky-rocket your business to next level as said in their blog post.


Whatsapp business account let you have a personalized business account whatsapp messenger

Like the other WhatsApp messenger, the WhatsApp Business also encompass the whole same features of the WhatsApp messenger on your phone with an additional functions.

  • Create a profile for your business to help customers discover important information about your business
  • Let customers to know when you are not online and away by automatically send them a customized messages which can be done under settings of the new WhatsApp business
  • Use quick replies to create keyboard shortcuts for frequently sent messages and greet customers with a greeting messages when they message you for the first time
  • Use labels to group and quickly find your customers and messages

How to Open a WhatsApp Business

How to open whatsapp business on whatsapp messenger

Opening a WhatsApp business is the same way with the normal way of opening WhatsApp messenger on your phone and the best of this is that you can use it with the  WhatsApp messenger on your phone and they will never affect each other.

NOTE: You will need to open WhatsApp Business with another number other than your number phone number, Business line is advised including land lines

When opening WhatsApp business you will be asked to fill the following information to be able to use the applications and take note of some information below

  1. Use of number which can be a business line, if the phone is a land phone then choose verify by call when registering and key in the codes you will be told when registering
  2. Choose a Business name, it is advised to use the name of your business because this can’t be changed to another one later after the registration
  3. You can backup your WhatsApp messenger chat to the WhatsApp business in case you already started using the messenger for business. Note you can’t use the backup again on the WhatsApp messenger when you restore a backup with WhatsApp business. It’s advisable to copy the old chat into a removable device or computer before doing the restore to WhatsApp business

Fill the WhatsApp business profile

  • Fill in the business address and you can set the location using the map provided on the app
  • Choose your business category, in a situation which your business category is not listed then use Other 
  • Select the business hours which will be shown to your contacts when you are opening and closing for weekdays and weekend, you can also choose opening for appointment or always open, this is based on the type of business you do
  • Enter the business email and then the business website and lastly update the profile image with your business logo to make it more professional than your WhatsApp messenger app

With this new feature of WhatsApp business, i think it will be a nice way to even boost tips to make more money online for those who use the internet to make money. What is your view on this new WhatsApp feature? Use the comment box below and lets talk

or chat with me on my business WhatsApp



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